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Full Version: Something about Yamato/Rei!
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Hello wonderful people of NFS:SA!
           Today i want to talk about Yamato, also known as Rei. So, he got banned from the nfssa community months ago for bullying Turks, talking shit about them and stuff. So here i am, creating this thread because i wanted to tell Berkayy and other people that he's sorry. He said, even Turks forgave him, so berkayy, please give him another chance, have mercy and unban him or just reduce the ban time. I know, he did some bad stuff in the past, but it has been months and months since he did that. I bet he has changed through that time. Now, i know there's gonna be people that's against me and Yamato, if you have nothing to say, just hate on me or Rei, just do not reply to this thread. He couldn't create the thread, so i created it for him. Thank you for reading this, if u actually read it Big Grin


Witaj cudowni ludzie z NFS: SA!

            Dziś chcę porozmawiać o Yamato, znanym również jako Rei. Został zakazany w społeczności nfssa miesiąc temu za zastraszanie Turków, gadanie o nich i takie tam. Więc jestem tutaj, tworząc ten wątek, ponieważ chciałem powiedzieć Berkayy i innym ludziom, że jest mu przykro. Powiedział, że nawet Turcy jej wybaczyli, więc berkayy, dajcie mu jeszcze jedną szansę, zmiłujcie się i pozbądźcie go lub po prostu zredukujcie czas na bananie. Wiem, robił złe rzeczy w przeszłości, ale od tego czasu minęły miesiące i miesiące. Założę się, że zmienił się przez ten czas. Teraz wiem, że będą ludzie przeciwko mnie i Yamato, jeśli nie masz nic do powiedzenia, po prostu nienawidzę mnie lub Rei, po prostu nie odpowiadaj na ten wątek. Nie mógł stworzyć nici, więc stworzyłem go dla niego. Dziękuję za przeczytanie tego, jeśli faktycznie to przeczytałeś

i used a translator for this XD
I suggest we leave everyone the chance to post, even if they have something to say or not. I prefer to hear all opinion instead of just one side. And also, it's a HE, not SHE. I guess my names are a bit misleading, not gonna lie.
Compared to some recent players I had to deal with, Yamato is just ok for me, also a lot of time passed so I don't see any reason to not unban him.

P. S. Recent player did same things as Yamato and got 6 months ban instead of permaban. I'm done. Peace ✌️
I can say I also had many second chances and I did not get it, so I kept doing it myself... The real second chance they gave me was this ban, this gave me the time to think, of everything I had done and how it impacted everybody. Some people liked it, some didn't. The main thing I had learned from everything is that "thinking" does not take just few seconds, days, or even weeks. It can take months, maybe years.
As people has mentioned before, some people can change during time, be more immature and grow up. And as i usually tell myself that if you want to be treated well, treat the person the same as you want to be treaten. I certainly hope he atleast gets a reduced ban time. Hopefully mods and admins can think over this.
I see that I have a community that supports me for once, and even if we do not succeed, we can rest sure that we did all we could and that we did not go down without a fight. Let's just be as polite as possible and try to make everything right with everybody. Peace
There were way worse people in this server, and in my opinion Yamato's perma ban was way too harsh. I get that he had a lot of beef with turkish community, but apart that, he was quite a nice player and not trying to ruin everyone's gameplay (at least from my perspective) like some recent players did. So in general, let this guy play again here, he's already spent almost half a year banned.
Okay, i'll add something of my own. I know Rei for some time and i'm pretty sure that he's an awesome and cool guy. As Neonke said, the permanent ban was too harsh, so please give him another chance. I can guarantee that he's not gonna do something like that in the future.
This is Razvy speaking( the gayest person ever)
I know Yamato for more than 1 year and he really changed. And like other people said, there are many toxic players rn in the community what we had to deal with.Yamato really deserves a second chance.Berkayy i think its time to give Yamato him a second chance.And as Neonke said, the ban was too harsh.
Yea that turkish war totally wasnt the only reason he got the perma ban.
I still dont like you, but I think your ban was long enough and the fact that you're still trying to get unbanned after all that time should be a reason to give you your last chance.
Let's just see what the other Staff Members say.
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