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Full Version: Content Update - Counthash Tuning - 19/11/18
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Content Update - Counthash Tuning - 19/11/2018

Happy November Continued!

This time we bring additional content for Counthash, a car that has not gotten too much love in the past. The parts included are:
  • 4 New Bodykits - SV, Liberty Walk, Works, and 5000QV
  • 4 New Roof Options
  • 5 New Hood Options
  • 6 New Headlight Model Options
  • 6 New Taillight Model Options
  • 7 New Spoilers
[Image: utBBNq7.jpg] [Image: UlmR9By.jpg]

Additional Notes:
  • Fixed a bug in Sultan where the Wagon variant of the boot would appear alongside the regular one
  • Counthash now has a steering wheel
  • Counthash now has a working Sidewindows option
Hope you enjoy customising Counthash with these additional options! This is all we have for this update; however the next ones should also bring your cars some new shoes, as well as some quality-of-life improvements. Stay tuned!
yay Big Grin
Hey, no one told me anything about shoes...
I like shoes!
Moments before update, short notice. I love this community!
[Image: G1NhGql.png]
tfw you don't even have counthash
(19-11-2018, 02:30)Helomyname Wrote: [ -> ]Moments before update, short notice. I love this community!
[Image: G1NhGql.png]

ayy i was there
O no
I no have bodypoints for countash update
Another great content update! Big Grin
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