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Full Version: Content update / Bug fixes - New car shoes - 25/11/2018
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Content Update / Bug fixes - New car shoes - 25/11/2018
Happy November Continued Continued Continued!

Some new car shoes, not many shoes but shoes nevertheless:
  • New rims pack - Rays
  • Fixed default sorting in garage
  • Fixed bug where player was able to break the game by leaving the race in weird way
  • Improved search algorithm used in garage car selection
  • Changed race lobby layout to better fit custom car names
  • Some other small fixes
[Image: TGESU9o.png]

That's all for now folks, hopefully we will have some more changes soon!
te 37 finally boi
That's an interesting choice of colors, lol...
add vinyls

Nice update !
I wish i have taskpoint to unlock Rays xd
ahhah 6 taskpoint
Das ist gut!
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