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Full Version: [Circuit]-Urbanized Land--Updated
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Name- Urbanized Land
By- Ivan
bad weather
Cute little track. So many uneccesary arrows though.

0:03 Stretch the arrows more until it reach the fences
0:06 - 0:13 Remove them arrows completely, no one is dumb enough to think the route heads somewhere else. And put invisible walls at the edges
0:16 You forgot to block the Police HQ entrance here. alternatively you can remove the Police car on the top instead, making it available shortcut (overused af tho)
0:22 Yet another part you forgot to block
0:41 I would prefer arrows instead of those objects for the highway entrance/exit

Also another thing, is it just me or is the arrows collides with each others?
Great track, but delete red arrows...
(31-12-2018, 06:37)Hexagon Wrote: [ -> ]Great track, but delete red arrows...

fixed Big Grin
0:02 - those dock objects on the right doesn't fit there, put trees there
0:07 - doesn't fit either, removing it could be the best solutuion or just put a car there
0:13 - car spam
0:24 - there's a better way of blocking that part, use a big fence or maybe arrows
0:35 - the fence is not wide enough
i like it, post your updated map when you are done