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Full Version: New Year Task. What's next with soundpack?
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Hey, guys. Heckie here.
Look. I'll be straight. I think that half of the server may understand me, but i gotta say this... I'm addicted from PC's It basically began when i was 4 and parents bought me a PC. It just started right away. But here comes the new year 2020 and for now i've got a New Year Task that i really want to come true - I want to lose the addiction. I've got opened eyes and i've just realized that PC or drawings or many other thing i like couldn't help me in my life. Sadly i'm not livin in 1980's time warp... I really enjoyed my time in this server - much more than on other ones, so it'll be so much pain in me to leave, but i still have one more thing to finish - Yes, i'm talking about the sound pack

Soundpack will be finished but i'll work on it ONLY when i'll have some time for it. I cannot just sit there for 10 hours for example - It's really unhealthy. If you'll ask i've already have some dark circles under the eyes for long time. I still want to finish what i started so i'll let you know when that soundpack is done. Just don't expect it too early

I know i have some friends of mine that just retorned to NFSSA after some time, and THIS may be the pain in the ass, but trust me... Health is more important than just sitting there and smeling like a huge piece of rotten flesh. I just got a chance for good start in my life and i don't wanna lose it. seriously.

I only hope i could enter to this server until it dies completly. Happy trails...
Got some news about soundpack, guyz. It's almost done - That's the good one, but I've also a bad news. I know that Moonbeam is on the server, a'ight, but I need its ID to make a sound for it. If it's known, i'd rather to know it too, then i'll be able to make also sound for moonbeam
His ID is 418.
(15-01-2020, 15:10)L1_TRACZ Wrote: [ -> ]His ID is 418.

Thanx a lot, brother :-) I think there should be updated Car's ID list for making sounds <Just sayin'>