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Full Version: Can't Connect To Server
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Hello everyone!

I am a new user.
A lot of hours in SA but just a couple in SAMP but, years back.

I can't connect to the server, wanna try out this modification but, can't.

I launch SAMP, add the server specified on the main page and try to connect.
In SAMP launcher it shows no server info.

[Image: RjOixAZ.png]

When I try to connect, in-game it says

[Image: XsL7vOo.png]

Hope somebody helps me. I hold NFS ProStreet and Carbon closely to heart, SA too.
Really wanting to play.
This is not samp. You need a different multiplayer mod.

It's called Multi Theft Auto, and you can download it here:

After you have downloaded and started it, open the settings, choose a nickname in the first tab, and set up your preferences.
Then click on Quick Connect and enter the IP: - Have fun playing. Read the tutorials and check out F9 or "Help" in the garage. Useful buttons are F1-F11.
Uh oh, my bad. Thanks, works fine Smile