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Full Version: false report objection [RaceBan]
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I didnt had the information of that troll report i sent got accepted for my friendhe cant be in hallowen event.

Rules are rules I know this.

 I am the who sent report and i want his raceban to get removed.

I want it removed raceban.

My friend is name: [color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.7)]c0iffuR[/color]

Im AnGeL_GhoST
I was at same race. I want his raceban get removed or give his ban to me.
hallowen event?
(14-10-2017, 09:31)Sardyna153 Wrote: [ -> ]hallowen event?

3x rp 3x money or 2x rp 2x money event
Who said there will be 2x/3x during hallowen?
the same goes with christmas
BartekPL he did it to troll his freind you know how they are with friends can you pls remove the race ban because he wants to to URL i was a troll report he didnt even want him to get banned if you want bann me from URL instad off him
(14-10-2017, 11:43)bartekPL Wrote: [ -> ]Who said there will be 2x/3x during hallowen?

it was an event like this last year
Give me his serial
(14-10-2017, 16:11)bartekPL Wrote: [ -> ]Give me his serial

I will give you his personal computer serial?

so c0iffuR?
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