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Full Version: Forgotten Road
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Hello everyone.
Today im back with another new map called Forgotten Road.
It's my second map, which is made handly (custom).
I hope you like it and enjoy it.


Song: Uppermost - Passion
BMW M5 Led Lights made by Nitron

Special thanks to:

Happy New Year!
Best regards, AGERX.
cool map bruh
Press W to pass the map. No, thanks.
that waterfall tho, looks amazing.
this is just too beautiful ,
it reminds me of some tracks from NFS II SE
ahh...wonderful memories
Good job dude! This map is amazing! Big Grin
Very Good Map Big Grin
I like this map, very creative and unique. But like Kucky said, it's one of these "vmax maps". Try to make more turns (which I see can be very difficult and time-consuming, because how complicated it all look and how hard it was to finalize, but you can try) to make this map more skill-based than only "press W to pass the map".
this is canion lel
Nice vmax map, I like it.
Custom map = declined in advance
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