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  • Sex: Male
  • Location: San Fierro
  • Bio: DEUS VULT!

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W temacie: Maryana

Odpowiedzi: 10

30-08-2017, 18:32

Too young, you only have 43 words on why you wanted to be a mod, and the lack of experience/interest to your application doesn't make you viable for the position.

W temacie: Hello, Nina here B)

Odpowiedzi: 6

30-08-2017, 18:10

(26-08-2017, 23:51)Arunn Wrote: We all hope that you're not a man irl...

Ayy jk! Welcome and have fun! Big Grin

wow man, why assume that already.. ofc its lady 

oh and welcome, enjoy your stay

W temacie: bencxx

Odpowiedzi: 33

30-08-2017, 18:05

This dude deserve more than a mod, prolly losing his virginity. Would vouch for him, since I've known him from the first days I joined/played in the server, he'll be a good contribution to the team. Best of luck <3

W temacie: Update 15-16.07.2017

Odpowiedzi: 18

16-07-2017, 06:32

Awesome man thats gotta be the best update for Freeroam drifters like me.  Heart

W temacie: 'Find The Spot' Event

Odpowiedzi: 44

04-07-2017, 15:41

Ausum I might log that day..

Temat: It was a good run. - Kemosabe

Odpowiedzi: 21

25-06-2017, 18:32

(pls play for the feels <3)

So I think the time has come for me, Smile) This is not a total leave or quit thread, its just the being conservative on my decisions.
1. Would be following up my Travel Visa and Citizenship Visa for some odd reasons I'll be moving out of Philippines in the nearly future.
2. School, I'm still in the University and have to be serious on it.

anyway I'll try and still would try to come online for the few weeks, probably 2-4hrs limit 4 times a week. I know some would be disappointing of this decision cause some would view me as this "serious person" that mistakes are inevitable. Anyway, I had fun, its been a good run to the community and the staff team. I will still try to keep being in touch even though with this inactivity.

Bartek - ofc who's not forgetting the nfssa gaben itself, very opinionated person even though we had serious conversations sometimes on Discord, i still find it funny when you said "give them more mute time, stop being a pussy" thats how I started giving people their 15 minutes minimum.
Quindo - you sure do listen to he community, very likable person always listen to suggestions. Cant wait for teh weathers mate *wink* *wink*
Helomyname - the dude's a legit, "a fun dude to hang out with" remember those buffalo races on the White house in LS, those are funny asf.
KomuH - Man those earrape hardbass mini heart attack you put on that stereo, those are funny asf, rarti running away when you play that g**sex audio, and thanks for teaching me my first Polish words.
Arunn - the first guy to teach me everything on being a staff, and keep asking me if he's english is good. Ofc your english is good man, Siema Skurwielu Kurwa. "Where my suki at".
Deadboy - I would say he's the Internal Affairs of the staff team, brainy cunt, although we had an argument when i was drunk asf. I always picture you as a cop
[Image: gHI6lY6.png]
Krazio - ooh the inloved krazio, c'mon you keep denying those feelings man, but still a good guy i hang out and understand every humor i throw in.
Nexxoon - doesn't rly hang out that much but seems pretty cool guy.
Kucky - This dude knows whats up, i would root you 100% to get your Super mod soon, keep doing a good work my dude. I hope you catch those "lazy bastards" you say, hehexD
HZITS, ADR - where are our Russian mods? xD
Rarti - "rare tea" you're funny asf but i picture you as this person who space-out so much and doesn't give a single fuck about everything. xD I always picture as this grill.
[Image: qgw83Th.png]
bk.player - not much talk guy but pretty good at races, stay golden my dude.

ImyoNightmare - my main man, keep being optimistic and keep kicking those plebs out of the Global chat. very fun guy to talk to, would definitely hang out with you anytime soon. I would suck ur dick if u suc mine first always picture you as this guy.
[Image: BT7O8bn.png]
TCOP - teacup everyday mate, i hope u make change in UK xD +rep to this guy's humor.
Scaftz - Selamat Pagi boyo jancok, you keep teaching me indo curse words, lol being good crew leader.
Gryzli - you keep saying hi everyime i login, very good example for non-toxic players.
Doge - Mr Dogo still doesn't figure out your Futo setup, goodluck on you future mod application.
Zephyr - Ooh the guy is banned but i have to give him some good rep for making our crew logo, very good guy, too bad he got banned.
Osvaldox - thanks for being true on how i drive my car and giving me tips on how to handle my line better.
Akamataa - thanks man for sharing me your setups they're really helpful on rfarming cash/rp, very cool guy to hang out.
bencxx - oh dood wherever you are, hit me up sometimes we got alot of shit to catch up. first mates i hang out.
whyami - your comet is better dont worry.
sydi#.. - Im kidding when i went out there saying you copied, but the context was copied at some point. whatever man, just keep doing what u want there's no harm in it Smile)
drabweeds - stop promoting your youtube channel every 5 minutes lol
pieland - stop being so sexist lol
whitey - thanks for including me on your youtube vids <3
insanitygamer - i forgot your name but you include me on your youtube vid aswell, +rep
MaikuD - big respect to this dude protecting his ethics, lol you can own whatever u want dude don't sweat it xD
rashed - turkish mate, keep being turkish lel stop calling germans, nazi btw
KawaiiDesu - you can take the mt. Chilliad urself xD

*some of the few screens before disconnecting*
[Image: Ty7JNGC.png] [Image: 6NwmCzC.png] [Image: gRFcDZZ.png]
(oh man i will miss the toxicity Smile )

-sorry if I forgot your name in the list, i just couldn't remember some atm but overall, i love the community and it gave me a better view of how EU players actually are. Some would say, "who is this person" yeah im nobody, i only joined like few months ago and if you hate me that much the thread is not for you, but forreal i love you and the community. Keep making the server great and flooded with great racers. I hope to see you guys anytime soon, i'll just cut off some of my regular schedule for the sole purpose of doing IRL things. I hope some would understand, I won't QUIT, the nfs sa blood still rnning on me. I would definitely come back any time soon, but for now I need to give myself more time and have to realize what to do for my future.

To all that I bashed and i messed up and ended up quitting, you guys can come back I'll be inactive, i think the server is better for you now. haha I'm kidding, just try to calm sometimes, don't take my punishments so serious, I'm just following server rules.

Hope we'll all ride again.

Much love


Temat: Kemosabe

Odpowiedzi: 8

14-04-2017, 22:08

Nickname: Kemosabe

Age: 22 years old ((OOC))

English skill (1-10): 8.5 - Lived in AUS

Your stats and experience with NFS:SA: Have been playing the server non-stop and keeping the OC timezone lively and constantly adding more players to the community, specially from my country and some from my previous gaming communities..
[Image: sxC7thC.png?1]

How much free time do you have to moderate server?: I could have at least 8 hours in the morning and it would depend on the night time, but since I'm only applying for the OC timezone I can assure the whole time for me would be moderation + helping newbies.

What do you do when someone starts spamming messages on chat?:
*Standard sanction procedure.
1st offense: Give them warning and tell them a slight bit about spamming and how to use G (global chat), U (language chat), T (zone chat), J (crew chat).

2nd offense: If the player still spams the chat, I give him a small amount of mute time (depends on how mute timers are given) and that would consider as the 2nd and last warning.

3rd offense: Will be reported to a higher command of the NFS team, asking them on how would they want it to be handled.

KINDS of spams I usually see in the global chat.

1. Server advertising - linking IP's from different servers.

2. Unsupported links - such us, russian mods, money grabber sites, phishing sites etc..

3. Youtube links

What do you do when someone starts insulting other players?: Calm them the fuck down, coz everyone in this community isn't toxic and we're all equal as human being. Unless an alien starts to play the server then I guess racist slurs and insults would not be considered harassment.

Anyway considering what the world is showing us right now, specially in EU, migration and hate about some certain races cannot be tolerated.

But if the player would still not stop on insulting, we'll give them mute or just kick him off the server.

Do you have any experience (if yes, describe): I do have alot of experience specially in moderating but not in the MTA client tho, I've been head admin on SA:MP on a server called NG;RP (Next Generation Roleplay), Community Advisor, Beta tester, Server moderator and Non-gaming moderator or what we call Forum moderator. Helping other players are my kind of thing coz thats how you really earn fame, reputation and respect, that way, the more people that you help the more they will be respect server rules when you're around.

Which language channels can you moderate?: English, Global Chat (read my explanation below)

Why do you want to join moderators team? (at least 100 words):
*First time I join.
I know some of you would say "Oh this dude aint qualified he just started playing the server" yep I agree, I started playing the server 2 weeks ago but it almost about 3 weeks now, I reached the required RP to apply  for the position that is why I'm writing this. I've been around good people on the server lately, specially Zephyr and his crew, PJvier and his crew, Drabweeds < This people saw the potential on me and some I couldn't name, they earned my respect and they are the people that keeping me constant of ideas and knowledge about the game.
*Why would I want to apply for this position
ONE REASON - To help grow the community. On my timezone which is OC, GMT +8, SEA we only have around 20 players when I first joined, then after I brought some of my friends and their friends to try the game. The peak players on OC Timezone increases to 20 upto 40+. This is why I would like to be a moderator on this timezone.
1: The timezone lacks moderation at this time of hour.
2: Spammers, Racist insults occurs at this time of hour.
3: I'm the only person that replies to people that ask questions at this time of hour.
4: Player count is increasing at this time of hour.
*Why would you pick me?
I am proud to say that the knowledge regarding the game, mechanics, basic controls, chat usage, car classes, queue setups, car scores etc. are pretty much clear to me now and could help a newbie who just join the server. This basic knowledge I have did help some of my friends got their 20k RP as fast as they could and that's only around a week. Helping newbies in this time of hour is really needed, but having moderation power could come in handy so we could avoid spammers, cheaters/hackers, Insults and other negative behavior. I'm from Philippines, we do have bad ping here, 300-350+ but that doesn't make us stop playing NFS:SA. I would like you to check my previous suggestion over your forums regarding Complaints & Ban appeals.

I hope you'd consider me as a part of your administration, looking forward to work with the others and lets build a great community.

Temat: Complaint & Ban Appeal Section.

Odpowiedzi: 3

14-04-2017, 06:34

The idea is to have a small part of the forum which where you can post/appeal a complaint. The reason behind this suggestion is that the moderators/admins aren't on every time on the server and couldn't check people breaking rules.

For example: I am from the OC Timezone and the next moderator is in EU, people spams on OC, hacks, and server advertising but the EU mod couldn't see it which makes their acts ignored and the other players would left complaints and couldn't do anything about rulebreakers.
*There is a report system but I know it only works while an admin/moderator is online.

So this is how my suggestion comes in handy, people could just take a screenshot/video and post it on the Complaint section with the player's username on it, none gaming administrators, or forum admin could just check the complaint and if it has sufficient proof then the player can be banned, muted, or depends on how heavy the punishment he'll get. This way we can prevent rule breakers and spammers and insults.

*this is how it would look like on the preview.
[Image: 0RIvXcr.png]
*this is how it look like when you post the complaint
[Image: P3AEObg.png]
*this is how the thread would look like and the accused can reply on the thread, it will depend on the complaint moderator if the player get his punishment or the complaint is lacking of evidence.
[Image: ClT5rsO.png]

Temat: KEMOSABE's short introduction

Odpowiedzi: 5

14-04-2017, 06:04

Hello NFS:SA community, I would like to introduce myself in such manner that everyone could understand. In short, my english is bad and I hope you're all understand it.

My GTA SA Online journey starts at 2009 I first started playing SA:MP in that year until 2016 so that's 7 years but with breaks tho. So, I've been playing in alot of servers around SAMP and have been into high admin positions, I've been a Head Admin at a server called NGRP which I contributed more of my time, our community back then was great but its slowly dying from now, so we started seeking servers and migrate there (not referring to any refugee EU jokes).

I've been fund of cars and I host this racing servers but with personal mods and its quietly sad coz not everyone can see your mods, tuning setups on CUSTOMSAA etc. so, I once again tried playing MTA and there was alot of big changes on the client, I tried
DayZ and I really like it, so I looked for more server and communities and found NFS:SA. I was so shocked that a whole NFS concept can be modded in MTA and I immediately made my account and  played the server, I donated without knowing the premium benefits, just to show appreciation I guess.
So far, I'm loving it, great community, some our toxic but I've known more toxic than them.

The bad side tho is that the server is too far away from my country which is Philippines, playing 360+ ping rly grinds my gears sometimes, and there's not much of Ph palyers playing the server so i'm pulling some from my past communities to try the server and build our own crew.
~Hope to see you guys in the road. 

-Kemosabe 'Marcus Chavez'

here's a vid i made 7 months ago, a little taste of SA:MP rp.

Temat: Tuning mechanics is game changer:pogchamp:

Odpowiedzi: 7

09-04-2017, 20:38

So, i guess i've reach the point of the game that requires more logistics and research.. the first E class cars with performance tuning, upgrading them then just buy the new one (because they give you good stats) which is a better choice was pretty linesr.
Now, I own a Futa and after upgrading to pro a wall suddenly hit my face like the handling starts to be bad again, the car starts to spun more n more when i upgrade all parts to Pro. So my conclusion is, theres probably some parts that theres n need to upgrade or be kept in a specific 'BUILD' for its certain use. This idea is pretty much unique coz itll cost the player disarray and disorientation.. so, ppl can have diff. Builds, and itll be a good strategy in a race.

>sorry for my bad english.

So, whats your preffered Futo build
3/3/3? Or specifed parts to be downgraded?

btw, if you saw this Steven(unmodded futo) pls send me pm ig or forums, i woudl like to talk to you. - +rep to this man he beat a Monroe twice in a row.