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W temacie: Simplified Dyno Guide (Unfinished)

Odpowiedzi: 12

26-10-2019, 06:28

This guide was made to be more general and easy to understand for new players and not over complicated. Me and a few other people were suggesting adding dyno info ingame inside the dyno shop at the time, So once that got added this guide stopped being updated.

(18-10-2019, 10:59)EloRamzes Wrote: Sometimes downforce on 10 is horrible idea
10 Downforce has been best for all the cars that i have tried. But i have not tried all the cars. If you have any examples of cars that do better without it, Feel free to share.

W temacie: Quality of life improvements

Odpowiedzi: 39

03-05-2019, 23:56

(03-05-2019, 22:54)Tekk Wrote:
(03-05-2019, 19:03)Nick33BC Wrote: But if you read what i was saying before, I was giving the idea of being able to unlock more car slots as you progress. Stuff like 3 or 5 car slots for every 250K RP. So you have something to continue working for.

To be honest, I can't find this anywhere. Maybe I'm blind.
On the first page of the thread, Under Geimeris123's post.

W temacie: Quality of life improvements

Odpowiedzi: 39

03-05-2019, 19:03

(03-05-2019, 17:11)Tekk Wrote: No one makes you to donate, it's still perfectly possible to play the game without it.
I didn't say it makes people have to donate, I never said it's impossible to play without donating. Where did you get that from? I said,
(03-05-2019, 12:03)Nick33BC Wrote: And making the game a pain in the ass just to make people donate is not cool in my book.
And i meant "making the game a pain in the ass just to make more people donate is not cool". It is a pain in the ass to only have 5 slots. And telling people to donate to fix that problem isn't fair to players. I played the game without donating and i did fine but that doesn't mean i wasn't annoyed by it. It even made me think of quitting at one point.

(03-05-2019, 17:11)Tekk Wrote: As I already said, no one's forcing you to donate. Especially in the beginning. When you're new, you can't afford yourself much, and all of the other car classes are locked anyways. Giving newcomers more slots is not gonna change anything.
Seriously, Where did you get the idea that i was saying it forces you to donate?
But if you read what i was saying before, I was giving the idea of being able to unlock more car slots as you progress. Stuff like 3 or 5 car slots for every 250K RP. So you have something to continue working for. Instead of having to sell all the cars you want to keep to try something new when you get to 350k+ RP. I was never saying low RP people needed more slots.

(03-05-2019, 17:11)Tekk Wrote: So what you're suggesting right now is just giving you *that one useful* thing for free, and with that, leaving the idea of premium to be completely pointless. Yeah right, that will definitely gonna make you to buy it later, sure.
Premium gives you unlimited slots. What do you mean for free? I never suggested unlimited slots for free. I am talking about having 8-10 slots at 250K RP and 11-15 Slots at 500K RP. And i mentioned adding a way to donate for more slots permanently which would be a another way to support the server.

Premium would still give unlimited slots. Many high RP players have multiple of every car, If you use a car for many things you may want 3 or 4 of it. Even 40 slots would still be restricting for high RP players. Meaning Premium's unlimited slots would still be worth. And the 10 or so slots you can buy permanent would be a new extra way to gain donations if people don't want the subscription based Premium.

I am normally happy to debate things like this but it is very confusing to me how you have responded, It is like you didn't even read what i said before responding. Sad

W temacie: Quality of life improvements

Odpowiedzi: 39

03-05-2019, 12:03

(03-05-2019, 03:23)Tekk Wrote:
(02-05-2019, 21:59)Remolit Wrote: That's kind of the point of premium...
10 car slots for "non pay2win" players should be about enough.

Yeah. But actually even 10 is too much. As that would allow every cheapskate to buy most (if not all) of the meta cars and never even think of getting a premium once. Having an infinite amount of car slots is one of the key features, while having more dyno slots and layers probably goes right after. Rest of the stuff doesn't really affect the gameplay all that much. Like, selling your cars for a better price (compared to non-premium) is cool and all, but since you already have premium with the infinite amount of slots, it makes selling idea completely pointless. The only situation where it would be reasonable is when you have literally no money but willing to buy yourself another stock bucket. Though, how can this even be a thing, when just DH + Mag alone giving you +$1800, milestones giving you another +$1200 and freeroam cash is giving you +$2550. That's without doing a single race. IMO, this one shouldn't be changed.
Whether you are a casual player, A player who wants to try everything or a try-hard the 5 car limit is a pain in the ass. And making the game a pain in the ass just to make people donate is not cool in my book.

I bought almost every car in the game a long time ago so none of this affects me anymore, I even have 3 SGTs now. I am thinking about the new players, I don't want the new players to be driven off by such things. The idea of buying a premium subscription full of stuff i don't want in the slightest, Just so i can get the 1 thing i need, Which is more car slots so i can play the game properly just feels gross and makes me not want to buy it.

There needs to be more car slots for normal players. How many is up for debate. But 5 is not enough.

W temacie: [2019] Touge Spring Sessions

Odpowiedzi: 21

02-05-2019, 15:34


Temat: Nick's Car Information Guide

Odpowiedzi: 3

16-04-2019, 19:42

I noticed there is not much information on what cars are actually like to drive before you buy them. So a lot of people have to ask about cars in-game all the time. But if you have been on the server for a while you will know that asking randoms on the server generally gives you a lot of wrong answers. Hopefully this guide will help a few people.

I will add more cars and information as i go. I have not used all the cars in the game. So i will only be telling you about the cars that i use and have tested.

Everything i say about these cars is from my own experience with them. They may be better or worse, Easier or harder for you to drive. This is just to help get a idea on what they are like.

Difficulty to Learn. Less = Easier to Learn to drive. More = Harder to learn to drive, Especially for new players.
Difficulty to Master. Less = Lower skill ceiling. Easier to handle, Even with max score. More = Will require lots of practice to get good at, With a high skill ceiling.
Overall usefulness in Racing. How useful it is at URLs, Top Times and General Racing.

E Class:

 Manana: (Front Wheel Drive)
       Overall usefulness: 10
       Difficulty to Learn: 2
       Difficulty to Master: 5
The Manana has great acceleration and its handling is great for super tight courses.
It is top tier for LSAP 300 URLs and is very usable in 250 URLs.
It is the best for setting top times on Street X for E class.

It is also easy to drive and easy to dyno. Manana is a great car for new players.

 Intruder: (Rear Wheel Drive)
       Overall usefulness: 9
       Difficulty to Learn: 5
       Difficulty to Master: 8
The Intruder is great for longer courses.
It is not very useful in URLs but it is good for regular races.
It is the fastest car for E class top time setting on most Circuits and Sprints.

This car while very fast, Is fairly difficult to control, Difficult to dyno and its shape makes it easy to get rekt by lamps. I recommend it to people with a bit of experience but not complete newbies. For a E class RWD car i would recommend the Primo to new players instead.

 Washington: (Rear Wheel Drive)
       Overall usefulness: 1.5
       Difficulty to Learn: 5
       Difficulty to Master: 8
The Washington is not useful for top time setting or any URLs!
It has big suspension problems making it very difficult to drive and dyno.
Its handling and acceleration is not bad, But the suspension problem is unfixable.

Washington is the only car out of the starting selection of cars that i highly recommend avoiding for new players.

 Bravura: (Front Wheel Drive)
       Overall usefulness: 6      
       Difficulty to Learn: 1
       Difficulty to Master: 4.5
The Bravura is super stable and easy to drive, But lacks the speed of other cars in its class.
The Bravura has less acceleration and is larger than the Manana making it generally the worse choice.
But it is not bad, Its handling is still very good and easy to control.

If you want a FWD E class car i would recommend the Manana. But if you already chose the Bravura or you really want the Bravura it's still a fine car to use.

D Class:

 Club: (Front Wheel Drive)
       Overall usefulness: 10
       Difficulty to Learn: 2
       Difficulty to Master: 6.5
The Club is a outstanding FWD car with great handling.
It is not great at URLs but it's amazing at standard races.
The Club is great at setting top times for Street X, Circuits and Sprints.
It is pretty easy to learn and control as well. But it seems that the suspension starts to have problems with a fluctuating frame rate. A solid 60fps seems to fix this problem.

The Club is a great choice for both new players and top time setters. But making dynos for it is not the easiest.

 Kuruma: (All Wheel Drive)
       Overall usefulness: 9
       Difficulty to Learn: 6
       Difficulty to Master: 10
The Kuruma is very fast for its class, But it has problems that make it hard to control.
The Kuruma is not great for any URLs really. But it can be very good at top times.
It has great acceleration, But its centre of mass is set far to the rear by default and even with +10 Centre of mass you will get oversteer on curbs.

It is a very good car for the class. But i do not recommend the Kuruma for newer players, Unless they at least have a good dyno for it.

 Fortune: (Rear Wheel Drive)
       Overall usefulness: 5
       Difficulty to Learn: 2
       Difficulty to Master: 5
The Fortune is not that fast but it is easy to drive.
It of course is not good for any URLs.
If you are on a map made for RWD cars there's a chance it would be able to set a top time, But not for most maps.

It's not a bad car, But it's not that great. An ok choice of you want a RWD in D class.

C Class:

 Uranus: (Rear Wheel Drive)
       Overall usefulness: 7.5
       Difficulty to Learn: 5
       Difficulty to Master: 9.5

 Deluxo: (Rear Wheel Drive)
       Overall usefulness: 10
       Difficulty to Learn: 4
       Difficulty to Master: 8
The Deluxo has super fast acceleration for its class and it's handling is very good too.
The Deluxo is top tier for 350 LSAP URLs.
It is top tier for C class top times on Circuits, Sprints and URLs.
The Deluxo is far superior to most of C class and its wall riding ability can make it completely overpowered on some tracks.
The only downside to it is that its suspension is not great. Making the car react randomly from time to time on bumps.

The Deluxo of course is highly recommended for C class, But you have to complete 50 Diamond Hunts in a row to unlock it.

 Flash: (Front Wheel Drive)
       Overall usefulness: 5.5
       Difficulty to Learn: 3.5
       Difficulty to Master: 6

B Class:

 Super GT: (Rear Wheel Drive)
       Overall usefulness: 10
       Difficulty to Learn: 6
       Difficulty to Master: 10
The Super GT is a superb overall car that can be used for many gamemodes.
It is top tier for 300 and 350 Bayview URLs.
It's great for toptimes in almost all Street X races, circuits and sprints in it's class.
It does not have the best acceleration in class, But its handling is exceptionally good.
But don't expect to instantly be great at driving it. It can easily slide and oversteer if you are not careful. So being consistant with it takes practice.

It is of course a highly recommended car. I even recommend it to new players who just unlocked B class. Learning this car will greatly help you on the server.

 Sultan: (All Wheel Drive)
       Overall usefulness: 8
       Difficulty to Learn: 2.5
       Difficulty to Master: 8
The Sultan has great acceleration and is useful for B Class.
It is high tier for 300 LSAP URLs and can do alright in other 300 or 350 URLs.
It is great for general racing in Circuits and Sprints, And it's top tier for some races that require more acceleration for top times.
It's quite easy to drive and dyno, Making it a favorite for new players.

Sultan is a great all rounder car for all skill levels. A bit easier to drive if the SGT gives you trouble and a useful car to have in your garage.

 Buffalo: (Rear Wheel Drive)
       Overall usefulness: 6
       Difficulty to Learn: 5
       Difficulty to Master: 9.5

 Jester: (Rear Wheel Drive)
       Overall usefulness: 5
       Difficulty to Learn: 6
       Difficulty to Master: 9.5

 Elegy: (Rear Wheel Drive)
       Overall usefulness: 7
       Difficulty to Learn: 5
       Difficulty to Master: 7
The Elegy has exceptionally good acceleration. Making it almost feel like a A class car in a straight line.
It has trouble getting around corners though. Which makes it not great for URLs and a lot of races.
But it is completely unmatched at Drag races and tracks with lots of straights. Meaning it is useful for top times.

The Elegy is not the best choice for normal racing, But it's very good at its specialties. So i wouldn't recommend it to most players, Unless its specialties are what you are looking for.

A Class:

 Infernus: (Rear Wheel Drive)
       Overall usefulness: 10
       Difficulty to Learn: 2
       Difficulty to Master: 9

 Bullet: (Rear Wheel Drive)
       Overall usefulness: 6
       Difficulty to Learn: 6
       Difficulty to Master: ?
The suspension will try to kill you.

Temat: Simplified Dyno Guide (Unfinished)

Odpowiedzi: 12

20-02-2019, 21:37

This dyno guide is meant to be easy to understand and new player friendly. It will not be 100% in-depth to try and keep it simple and understandable.
But there still might be some information even for the old players to learn.

This is a racing dyno guide, This guide may not help for drifting.

Message to all new players: Remember to assign your dynos!
When you make a dyno for your car it is not assigned by default. You have to assign it manually for it to take effect and be usable.

Click the "View Spoiler" button to view information on the dyno slider you want to learn about!

- Tire Pressure
Instead of thinking about the tire pressure slider as a grip slider, Think of it as a "how much you turn" slider.

[Image: df9502a62b.PNG]

If you are turning too slowly, You are getting understeer. And if you are understeering you will have to slow down too much to get around corners. Which will cost you alot of time in races.

But if you turn too fast and oversteer, It might be uncontrollable and make you spin out.

                            [Image: giphy.gif]       [Image: giphy.gif]       [Image: giphy.gif]

The goal is to have the Tire Pressure as low as possible while it is still controllable. So you can turn as fast as possible and keep your speed around corners without losing control of your vehicle.
Some cars (FWD Cars mainly) can be easily controllable at -10 tire pressure. Test it out to see what you are comfortable with.
- Downforce - Aerodynamics
Put it to 10 for all cars. It makes the car grip better.

It does not effect acceleration or top speed. It only effects the cars controllability.
- Center of Mass for RWD - Aerodynamics (WIP)
Center of Mass to the rear of RWD cars makes them turn more when going up curbs. Center of Mass to the rear also helps with making RWD cars more stable.

But Center of Mass too far to the rear can cause oversteer when going over curbs and can cause predictability problems.

In Progress
- Center of Mass for FWD - Aerodynamics
FWD cars like the center of mass to be in the front. +10 Center of Mass will work for most FWD cars.

Center of Mass to the front makes FWD cars much easier to handle. It gives more grip to the front wheels meaning less lift off oversteer but it can mean more understeer on acceleration.
- Center of Mass for AWD - Aerodynamics
AWD cars like the Center of Mass to be in the middle of the car. But 0 on the slider is not always the middle of the car.

The Kuruma has it's Center of Mass far to the rear by default, So moving the slider to +10 moves the Center of Mass closer to the middle for the Kuruma.
While the Sultan is already balanced, So it's perfectly fine with 0 Center of Mass.
- Drivetrain
[Image: ee3cdfcf99.jpg]
The Drivetrain slider does mostly work how you would expect.
If you set the slider higher you will get a higher max speed, If you set it lower your max speed will decrease.
If you set the slider higher your acceleration will decrease, But if you set the slider lower your acceleration may also still decrease...

You can get the most acceleration on circuit tracks and URLs normally from -3 to +5 on the slider depending on the car.
Lower on the slider will give you better low gear acceleration for things like Street-X. But will give less high gear acceleration so you will actually go slower on long straights.
- Brake Bias
Moving the Brake Bias to the front will cause more understeer when braking. If your brakes are too powerful and are set too far forward, Your brakes will lock and you will slide forward with no ability to turn.
                    Example of brake locking. Pro Brakes, +10 Brake Bias.   ------>         [Image: giphy.gif]

Moving the Brake Bias to the rear will cause more oversteer when braking. By setting it further back you can allow yourself to turn more while braking. But too much and you will spin.
                                                   Pro Brakes, -10 Bias.                                        [Image: giphy.gif]
- Suspension Stiffness - Suspension
Stiffness is mostly simple.
If you see the body of your car sway and bounce when driving, The suspension might be too soft.
If your car drives over curbs like a plank, It might be too stiff.

Those types of big problems are pretty easy to fix, As there is a large margin of error.

Though, it also has some more subtle changes.
Changing the stiffness effects how the car reacts to bumps and curbs of course, And the goal is to set the stiffness so you can drive over curbs and bumps as smoothly and consistently as possible.
But how the car reacts can be completely different depending on car and dyno, Just continue testing for yourself to find the best for your own dyno or for a particular map/map type.
- Ride Height - Suspension
The main use of ride height is to help you get over curbs. Raising your car allows you to go over curbs and large bumps without the body of the car hitting the ground.

Lowering your car is usually a bad idea for street racing or anything with curbs. But slightly lower ride height can help with some maps such as bayview.
But it is recommended that you raise your ride height at almost all times. (Unless you have a already super high car such as a SUV or a Clover)
                                         [Image: giphy.gif]       [Image: giphy.gif]
Example: In both gifs are the same dyno with the only difference being ride height. If the body of your car hits the ground you may be sent flying by curbs.
- Suspension Bias - Suspension (Unfinished)
In Progress
- Steering Angle - Suspension
Steering Angle effects how much the car turns at lower speeds. So if you set the slider higher and you let off the gas and start slowing down you will notice the car turns more.
But this is not always a good thing, With some cars you will oversteer when you try to accelerate at low speeds because you are turning too much. This can be helped by lowering Steering Angle.

But of course, Some cars understeer at low speeds and this can be helped by raising the Steering Angle.

Updated: 23/02/2019
- Added more to Ride Height information.
- Added Steering Angle information.
- Added Drivetrain information.

Updated 21/03/2019
- Fixed some typos.
- Added Suspension Stiffness work in progress information.

Updated 26/10/2019
- Small fixes.
- Multiple small updates.