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  • Registration Date: 18-01-2017
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  • Group: Server Moderator
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  • Title: Rukito Rakuten
  • Date of Birth:: 24-01-2002 (17 years old)
  • Members Referred: 15
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  • Sex: Male
  • Location: Perú

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Lista przyjaciół

W temacie: Bring Back The Washingotton

Odpowiedzi: 17

02-03-2019, 02:40

Ye sure, add a car that reaches 478 km/h

W temacie: Super Moderator rank for yokou

Odpowiedzi: 15

18-10-2018, 02:44

Some people change over time, the last few times I talked to Yokou, he was more mature, friendly and attentive. However, I think the idea of waiting a while before promoting him, could help us know if he deserves, or not, the rank.

W temacie: Locust 69 - Suggestion

Odpowiedzi: 4

09-10-2018, 23:48

About the first idea, yes, i think we need some bodykits for Locust since it only has spoilers. But, about the second idea, there's no sense on gaining another 50 wins imo. Many people are gonna farm it, just like Locust. Also, it's just a bodykit, i don't think it needs that kind of requirements to be obtained.

W temacie: bencxx

Odpowiedzi: 33

30-08-2017, 20:57

Your application was perfect. You seem to be a very mature, responsible, kind, and focused person. I had the opportunity to play with you and others players (Police and Racers Game in Freeroom lol) and i can say that you're a funny and friendly guy too. I think you are the best choice to be moderator. Good Luck!

W temacie: OsvaldoX

Odpowiedzi: 21

30-08-2017, 06:44

Seems that you have enough experience as moderator and player of NFSSA (the last one is obvious lel). Your english skill seems to be enough to this job. Also, you don't need to talk too much imo, i don't know why people complains about it (I hardly ever speak in other channels apart from Spanish chat lol). You seem to be a quiet, focused and mature person. You have my vote, Good luck!

Temat: Rukito

Odpowiedzi: 7

15-04-2017, 03:16

Nickname: Rukito
Age: 15 years old.

English Skill: 8

Stats and Experience with NFS:SA  311,335 RP and 10D and 0H

How much time do you have to moderate the server?: 2-3 Hours from Monday to Saturday.

What do you do when starts spamming the chat? Well, first try to tell him/her to stop spamming please. If he/she doesn't stop, I'll mute him/her for only 5 minutes.

What do you do when someone starts insulting other players? I would ask him/her the reason why he/she has insulted. If he/she doesn't cooperate, I'll mute him/her for 10-15 minutes.

Do you have any experience? Yes, I have managed a server in minecraft and one in mta.

Which language channels can you moderate? Spanish, there's a lot of spam, flood and no control in chat. I would like to put order and peace with kindness, patience, tolerance and understanding. And of course, and always giving fun and freedom to all players of that channel.

Why do you want to join moderators team? Apart from putting order and giving freedom to the players, it is fun and entertaining to play with your friends, but always with order and respect; meet more people and relate to them. It is also worth mentioning that I am patient, fun, attentive and supportive. I am always willing to help players who have doubts (mostly new ones).