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A question I need answered by a nfssa team developer

Napisany przez RaceFreak, 13-11-2018, 18:05

A question I need answered by a nfssa team developer

Offline scaftz

Removing raceban system is a no. As nightmare already said, that it will allow some sort of "boosting" where 3 players joins someone's race and leave immediately, giving that person easy income. There's even someone who would pay such "service" on other games, i just knew it. It's good to have raceban system, i don't see them should be removed. Most races i play feels like a solo runs already, allowing leaving races freely will surely make it worse.

"Only new players are not yet invested in the game who don't read rules leave races.". The very beginning just started playing on the server i don't leave races even though i got destroyed by some filthy OP tuned Futos (251 score Futos anyone?) because i just knew that it's not allowed. And guess what, i am still here invested myself to the game instead of leaving due to being "prevented" to progress. Let the raceban still there, it's not the reason why newbies left, they left because the game is simply not tailored for them. This game is rather not so easy to get attached into unless you have been playing GTA SA for ages or else.

Offline MatthewChow

There's also another thing I'm just realising that is wrong...
When you play any NFS games, the first thing the game gets you to do is to drive a fully tuned car (NFSU Integra, NFSU2 350Z, anyone?). That happens exactly as a strategy to hook the player into the game, telling him or her right away that "this" is what they're working for. A beautiful high performance car! That is what shows what the game is about!
With NFSSA, your first experience is very boring by comparision, and so is your first car. Slow and ugly, and in most cases not even tuning it will help...
I think the real NFS games have a way more exciting introduction to them, with NFSSA, I can almost say there's literally no introduction.

If we made the start a little more exciting, fun, intuitive and specially more informative, it would help retention a lot, because the player wouldn't just be there looking around trying to get a clue, it would know exactly what he was getting into, what his end goals are, and thinking to himself "Holy fuck, this is cool!".
We seriously need to work on a flashy entrance and good advertisement.
The master of accidental leaks...

Offline scaftz

Sounds like an idea, I really like it.

Offline susis

raceban is needed to prevent leavers

Offline Rarti

(13-11-2018, 21:52)Akamataa Wrote: I'm just "normal" player, but have something to say in this topic.
I always get annoyed when someone leave race... and even if this is 10 lap of long map, and all other players will leave, w/o reason. I will end this race just to report them. w/o raceban system there will be more players in lobby... and less players on finish, all noobs will just leave races... and maybe some of them will never complete even one race = no progress = he will left.
About not changing rewards when someone leave... It will end up in making 4/4 ambasadors > 3 playes left and another 4/4 ambasador.
And this is racing server, u are here to have fun while racing against other players, not to get A class as fast as possible and afk on doherty.

Why there is so hard to find a race?
It's simple...
>Noob is joining the race
>Noob is ending race on last place and get... nothing...
>Noob is scared about loosing
>Noob is leaving race, cuz don't want to lose
>Noob get Raceban warning
>Noob is not racing against faster cars
>Noob is loosing against slower car
>Noob is avoiding better players
>Noob is trying to race against another noobs
>Noob can't find any race vs Noobs in slow cars
>Noob is leaving server cuz he can't win or find race that he actually can win [Making max 350 lobby with 350 score car and kicking cars over 330 score ^^].
Why Noob can't win? Cuz he is slow.
Why Noob is slow? Cuz he is not racing.
Why Noob is not racing? Cuz he is scared about loosing.
Why Noob is scared about loosing? Cuz rewards for last place are to low [50% of Noobs] or he is just Real Noob scared about loosing.

And now... Why pros are not doing races? Cuz they don't want to lose.
Why they don't want to lose? Cuz they need money [50% of pro] / They don't want to fuck up his Ratio [~15% of pro] / They are Noobs undercover [most of infernus players].

How to increase number of active players? Just increase Rewards for last places.
you are a noob ecksde
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Offline susis

berry aggree

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