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Drift sessions 3.0; Spring Edition [Premium event]

Napisany przez Bunny, 12-03-2019, 00:31

Drift sessions 3.0; Spring Edition [Premium event]

Offline Tekk

Once again, I want to thank everyone for the participation! At first I didn't think we'd get enough people to start, but we made it in the end. Thanks to you all. The whole thing took a little bit longer than we expected (actually not a little bit), but I should mention that it's our 2nd attempt to make a collab event and I think it worked better than the 1st time. So yeah, stay tuned for some more new stuff, we're gonna improve to make these more fun and interesting!

And also, Congratulations to the winners! Smile

Offline Bunny

As Tekk already said, we are very grateful that you have attended our event. The event duration was longer than planned and we had small technical issues for a few moments there, but we managed to overcome everything in time and tried to deliver the best experience we could. Congratulations to the winners and don't forget to claim your rewards by contacting Tekk. Thank you to Tekk, Orbacle and Scoob, without them this event would have been nearly impossible to host, also to the developer team again and to all the participants and spectators of the event. Hope you all enjoyed it! Below you can check out the score boards both for the drift event stages and for the livery contest.

Score board:
[Image: X16t1oR.png]
Livery contest:
[Image: r23DIkd.png]
dude I'm a rabbit, how do you expect me to sign

Offline FiDeLuS

So who won in livery contest becoz there's only points now

Offline Barney

I guess it's the same order of players as Regative won Livery Contest
[Image: levin_sig.png]

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