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Cars for parts. Is it worth it?

Napisany przez Julianne Natalie Stingray, 01-02-2020, 00:27
Cars for parts. Is it worth it?

Offline Julianne Natalie Stingray

Hello there. Everybody saw cars for parts, and maybe tried to search them. There are no "super-ultra-fast" cars, so they can't help you to beat everyone. But there still some good examples for specific kind of races.

I have collected all of them, and rided too. So, i want to tell my opinion about all of this cars, and do little showcase.


I want to apologize for my English right away, because it is still weird.

So, let's begin!


Class: E
Difficult: Easy

Previously, she was very nimble for her class, and could beat many cars. However, now it has long been changed, and now it is only good at drifting. In other races there will be problems with tight control, even if it is with high speed. She has a good model, so the vinyls on her will look good. At the start, you can assemble so that it is comfortable to drift, but this is its limit.



Class: D
Difficult: Easy

At first glance it will seem to you that its handling is terrible, and somewhere you will be right. But, with the right settings and training, it will become very fast, and will allow you to perform time attacks.
She is the strongest car in the D class, only the Club can somehow compete with her. I recommend a try, it's worth it.


Class: C
Difficult: Insane

It will seem great to you before you pump the engine. Immediately there will be drifts that cannot be removed. So it is playable only with a set of handling and turbo. It has a unique ability: when entering the curb, grip and understeer become unimaginable. But as soon as you move out - you catch it so that it will not be thrown out.
If you are ready to stand this, you can search.



Class: B
Difficult: Middle

Cobra from old races. It has good parameters for everything, but 1 huge minus is the weight. It is very easy to turn on corners, which is why narrow roads are clearly not hers. You can of course lower the suspension, but then the curbs will throw you up. So either put up or do not look at all.



Class: A
Difficult: Easy

Lamborghini designed for Street X, and the point. The same Infernus will be more effective in other types of races. You can make old Lamborghini models from it, or just some interesting project. But I think that looking for her is not worth it, since in the A class there are still more worthy candidates, the same Cheetah, for example.



Class: Vintage
Difficult: Very Easy

Useless car because of its suspension, thanks to which every border will laugh at you. I do not recommend collecting at all, since there is no point in it.



Class: Muscle
Difficult: Insane

Vin Diesel's car which is bad in many aspects, except for a parody. Not very fast, skid and Clover will still be better. I can’t advise you to collect, as it is painfully complex location, due to the location in the city, where there are a lot of lanes, etc. If you wanna do parody - collect.



Class: SUV
Difficult: Very Very Easy

Do not even think to collect it. Absolute garbage that does not go anywhere. I don’t understand why they created it, even in styling it is not popular. No need to take it, just waste your time.


Thank you, if you read until there! I hope i helped you with that. I must tell that all this thread is huge IMO, so if you not agree with me
, don't dispite. Just tell your opinion bellow, if you want.

Thank you again, and have fun at server!

[Image: ecb6aca16925d8064e4a10a6d5a75967.gif]

Offline Szejdi

It's a nice idea overall but I think it has some misconceptions.

Monroe on 3/3/3 without a dyno and experience in its behaviors is pretty trash, even on long straights it can spin out. I've driven it before, and this car can't pretty much compete in c class(ignoring some maps where it actually beats deluxo/uranus on). At the other hand, it's not bad on lower score setups or/and maps without curbs, sidewalks etc.

Counthash has an insane acceleration ONLY on low/mid speeds, but it suffers terrible velocity losses and overall bad performance past those 250kmh. Handling is somewhat relevant but it doesn't stand a chance in the competition against for example infernus.

A-Type's suspension is kinda faulty, but a skilled driver with a proper dyno can make it one of the best vintage class. It also has very good acceleration, definitely not an useless vehicle.

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