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[Event] Grip Sessions - Vol. 2

Napisany przez Tekk, 06-06-2020, 04:35

[Event] Grip Sessions - Vol. 2

Offline [ES]Anders0n_D0ge

I'll give it a try. D0ge

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Offline Mati2004

[Image: 0sJMeX0.gif]

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Away P4tryk


Offline MrPatato

ah shit here we go again. MrPatato
[Image: image0.gif]Honk

Offline Tekk

So alright guys, we did it! Though, as it always happens, the event has officially come to an end.

It was going for about 5 hours and included some funny moments, unexpected twists, genuine surprise reactions and even a bit of toxicity and anger from some particular players. What solid combination, I might add. So yeah, me and the boys would like to thank you all for joining the event. Every single one of you added something cool to it today, you made it fun and it was a pleasure for us to host it. Feel free to share some of your suggestions in the event hub, so we could improve our future events even more. Until next time!

Below you can find the results of the qualifications stage, the 1v1 competition stage and the livery contest part.

The qualification stage results and the Top-16 players:
[Image: d4y4Bz2.png]

The tournament bracket system that was used for the 1v1 competition:
[Image: PgSbSjH.png]

Livery Contest results:
[Image: YVoEVIV.png]

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