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Christmas Content Update - 23-24/12/18 - Helomyname - 23-12-2018

[Image: qBBzvHv.png]
Merry Christmas Everyone!

For this festive time of the year, we bring you some gifts to enjoy. This will be additional content for two of our cars, namely Buggy and Turismo!

Content Update - Turismo & Buggy Tuning - 23-24/12/2018

We can thank Arunn for the Turismo update, which includes:
  • 2 New Bodykits - Liberty Walk, and Bloodhound
  • 2 New Hood options
  • 2 New Roof Options
  • 1 New Spoiler
  • 5 New Taillight Model Options
  • 3 New Headlight Model Options
[Image: 5s0ozu5.png] [Image: Rpb9u8u.png]

For Buggy, i have made something a bit special. These bodykits will change your car into something brand new!
  • 2 New Bodykits - Bug, and Hot Bug
  • 1 New Headlight Option
  • 2 New Taillights Options
  • 2 New Bullbar Options
[Image: Vpk6dRb.png] [Image: yJs098b.png] 

Additional Notes:
  • Colourable version of Stock Speedometer is now available in the Details shop by default
  • Minor Muscle fixes (handling)

But that's not all - For the time period of Christmas to New Year, there will be some festivities on the server.

Christmas Bonus and Unlockables!

We are glad to announce that the Christmas Event is up again! This means that there will be 1.5x RP and $$$ bonuses on the server from 24/12/18, to 01/01/19!

You are also able to unlock Christmas themed Vinyls and Accessories from racing - simply play the game, take part in normal races with 4 players, and win for a chance to win these special rewards:
  • Vinyl Set - Christmas - Part 1
  • Vinyl Set - Christmas - Part 2
  • Vinyl Set - Christmas - Part 3
  • Vinyl Set - Christmas - Part 4
  • Christmas Speedometer
  • Christmas Speedometer 2
  • Candy Spinner
  • Christmas Special Neon
  • Christmas Special Pulse Neon
Also, if you login to the server on 24/12/18, you will receive 3 days Premium for free! If you already have Premium, then it will be extended by 3 days.

[Image: pfCDJwI.png]

Good Luck, and have fun racing!

But you're not just going to race wherever, are you?

Maps Update - 23-24/12/2018

Thanks to Rarti's hard work over the past few weeks, there will be new maps coming to the server in this update! The maps included here are:

Circuit - Arch Angel Street + [R]
Circuit - Black Vincent  + [R]
Circuit - Dead Meadows + [R]
Circuit - Fly Like You + [R]
Circuit - Jefferson Run + [R]
Circuit - Loading Base + [R]
Circuit - Midway to Highway + [R]
Circuit - Red County Tunnel + [R]
Circuit - Venture + [R]
Circuit - Victory Lap + [R]
Circuit - Waterfront Plaza + [R]

Offroad Circuit - Ghost Peak + [R]

Sprint - Decadence
Sprint - Desert Rose + [R]
Sprint - Sightread + [R]
Sprint - Upper Deck + [R]

Drift - Desert Rose + [R]

Remember that you can get your map onto the server by posting it in the Maps Showroom subforum.

That's it for this update folks. I wanted to personally and also on behalf of the whole of the NFSSA Team, to thank you for your continuous support over the years. It really does mean a lot to be able to keep this project going, thank you very much to both the new and older players. We hope the year 2019 will have a lot more in stock for you guys. Thanks again!

[Image: vr24ywo.png]
 We wish all of you a Merry Christmas spent with your family and friends, and many gifts under the tree as well as a delicious and filling Christmas dinner.

Merry Christmas!

RE: Christmas Content Update - 23-24/12/18 - MatthewChow - 23-12-2018

When Uranus?

On a serious note: Have fun, everyone!
Once again, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

RE: Christmas Content Update - 23-24/12/18 - KiritoKN - 23-12-2018


RE: Christmas Content Update - 23-24/12/18 - BUNNY - 23-12-2018

Awesome. Have some great holidays everyone!

RE: Christmas Content Update - 23-24/12/18 - Klampy - 23-12-2018

Merry Christmas guys!

RE: Christmas Content Update - 23-24/12/18 - Rarti - 23-12-2018

when vinyls

RE: Christmas Content Update - 23-24/12/18 - Pedroxz15 - 23-12-2018

Good update, Merry Christmas to everyone

RE: Christmas Content Update - 23-24/12/18 - McAwesome - 24-12-2018

Nice update!!! Should light up the mood for the holidays on the server. Thanks nfssa team for keeping the game updated. Merry christmas to everyone Smile

RE: Christmas Content Update - 23-24/12/18 - yokou - 24-12-2018

i llove you urann

RE: Christmas Content Update - 23-24/12/18 - whiteseed - 24-12-2018

But can you also buff Buggy? It can't even reach it's top speed. What's the point of making it look good when it's useless?