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RE: Simplified Dyno Guide (Unfinished) - briggie - 13-10-2019

great work cant wait to see it finished

RE: Simplified Dyno Guide (Unfinished) - EloRamzes - 18-10-2019

(20-02-2019, 21:37)Nick33BC Wrote: - Downforce - Aerodynamics

Put it to 10 for all cars. It makes the car grip better.

It does not effect acceleration or top speed. It only effects the cars controllability.
Sometimes downforce on 10 is horrible idea

RE: Simplified Dyno Guide (Unfinished) - Nick33BC - 26-10-2019

This guide was made to be more general and easy to understand for new players and not over complicated. Me and a few other people were suggesting adding dyno info ingame inside the dyno shop at the time, So once that got added this guide stopped being updated.

(18-10-2019, 10:59)EloRamzes Wrote: Sometimes downforce on 10 is horrible idea
10 Downforce has been best for all the cars that i have tried. But i have not tried all the cars. If you have any examples of cars that do better without it, Feel free to share.