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Third Server Anniversary 04.03.2019 - bartekPL - 04-03-2019

Third Server Anniversary
So much time with you... even we can't believe how fast it passed.
On 4th March 2019 there will be exactly three years since server started!

[Image: uM9hDkt.png]

Due to this special occasion we decided to organize
a legendary Hunt The Staff event!

The event will start at 20:00 (8pm) server time (UTC +1:00 DST) on Monday 4th March 2019..

During the event Staff Members (Moderators and NFS:SA Team) will be hidden around whole SA map and players will have to find them, just like a game of hide and seek!

Some info and rules:
  • Hidden Staff Members won't be visible on radar and nametag will be displayed only if you are close enough
  • Staff Members will be hidden in common places, easily accessible for everyone without stunts. If it will be too hard to find someone, he will start driving around his place.
  • Staff Members will use their own vehicles, they can be in any car currently available on the server. 
  • If you'll find someone then you have to write on global chat his name and his car.
  • The reward for finding a Staff Member will be 10 DAYS OF PREMIUM - but one player is only allowed to find one Staff Member.
  • During the event you will have small board about hidden members on screen in the freerun mode.
[Image: g1lTGEe.png]
UPDATE: Congratulations to the winners!

But that's not all!
During Server Annivarsry we would like to give you few bonuses:
  • since 4th to 6th (3 days, Monday to Wednesday) x2 RP and cash from all races
  • all diamond hunts done on 4th, 5th or 6th March will give you guaranteed jackpot with guaranteed extra reward! (current progress doesn't matter, it can be even day #1)
  • if you join server on 4th March you will receive free premium for 3 days! (you must join server at least once between 00:00 and 23:59 4th)
  • many special URL events with high rewards multiplier

Some information

At this point, we should officially welcome two new NFS:SA Team members!
  • MatthewChow - as new 3D Modeler
  • Orbacle - as our new Scripter
Congratulations to them and wish them successful and helpful work for NFS:SA!

At the end, whole NFS:SA Team is glad that you are still with us. Hope we will see next year as well!

PS. Don't forget we are still on working on new updates for you.
As we didin't manage to prepare and test everything for today - expect new update within next two weeks Smile 


RE: Third Server Anniversary 04.03.2019 - BUNNY - 04-03-2019

Heart Heart Heart

RE: Third Server Anniversary 04.03.2019 - ilicivan905 - 04-03-2019

gj mutt  Heart Smile

RE: Third Server Anniversary 04.03.2019 - LukaRaos - 04-03-2019

Nice! Happy NFSSA day

RE: Third Server Anniversary 04.03.2019 - Lefty - 04-03-2019

Ay 3 years already, let's hope the server gets bigger eventually and lasts for more 20 years.

RE: Third Server Anniversary 04.03.2019 - Yoshida - 04-03-2019

OwO Nice !!!

RE: Third Server Anniversary 04.03.2019 - Torretto1 - 04-03-2019

Shame that I don't have time to look for staff members :'( seems like a fun event tho!

RE: Third Server Anniversary 04.03.2019 - scaftz - 04-03-2019

Congratulations to both Matthew and Orbacle. Happy Birthday NFSSA. Looking forward for the hunt the staff event.

RE: Third Server Anniversary 04.03.2019 - Z-Boy - 04-03-2019

Happy Birthday NFSSA and Congratulations to the both new staff members, wish u both good luck.

RE: Third Server Anniversary 04.03.2019 - Berkayy. - 04-03-2019