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Christmas Update 2020 - Orbacle - 24-12-2020

[Image: qBBzvHv.png]
Server will be closed for some time to apply the update

Merry Christmas Everyone!
Whole NFS:SA team would like to wish you all a happy and merry Christmas.
We hope you have a great time with your family and friends, during this difficult pandemic time.
Nevertheless, this has been an important year for this server and many things have changed and more to come. Thank you for all the moments spent playing on our server. We have prepared numerous thematic changes and bonuses, vinyls and maps for this update.

Christmas 2020!

On the occasion of Christmas 2020, from December 24 until January 1:
  • For all races: 2x RP, $$$ and BodyPoint chance
  • Limited-time Christmas Challenge Set, where you can unlock a new Christmas Speedometer and Neon (thanks Klampy and Skript; cars by Helomyname)
  • Numerous Christmas themed visual changes (thanks Klampy; loading screen by JN)
  • Numerous Christmas mapping in freerun (thanks JN)
  • Some secret
if you join the server on 24-26th December you will receive free premium for 4 days! (you must join server at least once between 00:00 and 23:59 26th)

[Image: uS8H957.png][Image: vgcskQp.png][Image: bvZGUZ1.png]

More Christmas unlockables!

You are also able to unlock Christmas themed Vinyls and Accessories from racing - simply play the game, take part in normal races with 4 players, and win for a chance to win these special rewards:
  • Vinyl Set - Christmas - Part 1
  • Vinyl Set - Christmas - Part 2
  • Vinyl Set - Christmas - Part 3
  • Vinyl Set - Christmas - Part 4
  • Christmas Speedometer
  • Christmas Speedometer 2
  • Candy Spinner
  • Christmas Special Neon
  • Christmas Special Pulse Neon
  • Christmas Special Fayde Neon
Vinyls update!

Thanks to Broski, who worked hard to prepare a large number of vinyls coming to the server in this update!
New vinyls are:
New categories of vinyls - abstract and floral
  • Flames: 4 new vinyls
  • Tear: 16 new vinyls
  • Tribals: 8 new vinyls
  • Splashes: 16 new vinyls
  • Modern: 8 new vinyls
  • Flags: 1 new vinyl
  • Shapes: 8 new vinyls
  • Number sets: 4 new sets
  • Manufacturers: 24 new vinyls
  • Misc2: 22 new vinyls
  • Body: 47 new vinyls
  • Camouflage: 4 new vinyls
  • Vinyl sets: 45 new vinyls
And other fixes/changes for existing vinyls.

Several new maps were added to the server:
  • [Circuit] Blueberry Hills [R]
  • [Circuit] PALOMINO GP 1991 + [R]
  • [Circuit] Rush Hour + [R]
  • [Circuit] Showtime + [R]
  • [Circuit] Eight of Montgomery + [R]
  • [Circuit] Trip Around Calton + [R]
  • [Circuit] Dark Alley + [R]
  • [Circuit] Nightmare Fuel + [R]
  • [Circuit] Shop'n'Go + [R]
  • [Circuit] Small Gorge + [R]
  • [Drag] LSAP Runway 1
  • [Drift] Fare N' Square [R]
Thanks to Tekk and Remolit for preparing players' maps.

[Image: iq6iAcW.png]

Everyone is welcome to the upcoming racing event, which will happen on December 25, more info and registration:
Event maps are available to play exclusively in the new Points Challenge Set II

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this update! See you on the streets.

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RE: Christmas Update 2020 - Rarti - 24-12-2020

give me back my toaster please

RE: Christmas Update 2020 - Bunny - 24-12-2020

(24-12-2020, 03:34)Rarti Wrote: give me back my toaster please

You get only an 80s tv, take it or leave it

RE: Christmas Update 2020 - VelozTotal - 24-12-2020

nice update, merry xmas guys!! Big Grin

RE: Christmas Update 2020 - BDragon - 24-12-2020

Nice! and merry X-mas to EVERYONE too!!

[Image: 4d21507a955b670310a0b53810e200ca.gif]

RE: Christmas Update 2020 - Klampy - 24-12-2020

Have a nice holidays!

RE: Christmas Update 2020 - Yoshida - 24-12-2020

Messirve ! haappy xmas!!!

RE: Christmas Update 2020 - scaftz - 24-12-2020

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone.

Where handlings reee

RE: Christmas Update 2020 - MatthewChow - 24-12-2020

Patience, little one.
Merry Christmas, guys!
Shortly, you'll get your presents. õ ,O
It's a big load...

RE: Christmas Update 2020 - 86DrifterYT - 24-12-2020

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Guys!
Wish you all the best for the upcoming event.
Cheers to the team for providing us the updates for the server.
Stay safe out there!