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Content Update - 30.04.21 - Orbacle - 01-05-2021

Content update 30 Apr 2021

Server will be closed for some time to apply the update

While everyone is waiting for a major update that is going to be epic (and is currently in active development), we are bringing you a not-so-large update that provides some content. 
On top of that, from May 1st until May 4th incl.:
  • Free 1-day premium to everyone who logs into the server during that time (as a consolation for a long wait for the update)
  • For all races: 2x RP, $$$ and BodyPoint chance

Changes (pictures below)
  • 3 new speedometers by Skript, unlockable with TaskPoints in F10->Rewards. All 3 are visually adaptive to your car and its performance upgrades.
  • You can now buy 1 TaskPoint using 50 BodyPoints in F10->Rewards->Exchange points
  • Updated HDR Contrast shader by Syaan
  • Lime color in accessories has been renamed to Sea Green and replaced by a new Lime color
  • New Pearlescent Window tint type is more translucent, Old Pearlescent Window tint has been renamed to Dark-Pearlescent
  • Window tint colors: New Lime, Purple, Pink and variations and adjusted existing colors
  • New light colors: New Lime, Purple, Pink, Unique White and variations and adjusted existing ones
  • New neons: New Lime, Purple, Pink and variations
  • Fixed LS Motorland lighting
Thanks to Rarti, Syaan and Skript for providing content for this update

[Image: unknown.png] [Image: unknown.png]

[Image: unknown.png]

[Image: mta-screen_2021-05-01_00-03-28.png]
Old vs New HDR Contrast shader

[Image: unknown.png] [Image: mta-screen_2021-05-01_00-37-57.png]

[Image: mta-screen_2021-05-01_00-38-45.png]

See you on the server while we are waiting for larger updates!

RE: Content Update - 30.04.21 - GuiDoritinhu - 01-05-2021


RE: Content Update - 30.04.21 - ivke - 01-05-2021

well better something than nothing

RE: Content Update - 30.04.21 - FiDeLuS - 01-05-2021


RE: Content Update - 30.04.21 - Max59 - 01-05-2021


RE: Content Update - 30.04.21 - c3as3y - 01-05-2021

still waiting for the big one, but not a bad update after all

RE: Content Update - 30.04.21 - 86DrifterYT - 01-05-2021

Love the speedos, great work.

RE: Content Update - 30.04.21 - L1_TRACZ - 01-05-2021


  • You can now buy 1 TaskPoint using 50 BodyPoints in F10->Rewards->Exchange points


RE: Content Update - 30.04.21 - Yoohas84 - 02-05-2021

i really don't like this HDR it makes my game soo dark i can't see the road. Bring old back and becouse this update i don't have white colour anymore, my white becomes greyish shit WTF? Don't mess up my visuals pls, bring me white colour

RE: Content Update - 30.04.21 - MatthewChow - 03-05-2021

White is not a colour, silly.