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RE: Itasha Livery - Iris Heart - 28-05-2021

(27-05-2021, 06:48)kayra999 Wrote:
(27-05-2021, 05:06)diondwitama24 Wrote: Idc if someone say my livery are shit but anyway since i have bunch of my work here i divide this post into 2 part (sorry my english bad)


1. Infernus Nepgear Neptunia
[Image: R2hSGsb.png][Image: MnfAsaX.png]

2. Infernus - Rikka Tanakashi
[Image: igJaAHQ.png][Image: kOxsC84.png]

3. Comet - Neptune Neptunia
[Image: oHrsNmQ.png][Image: k0Paufj.png]

4. Elegy - Kurosawa Ruby Love Live Sunshine
[Image: 356iYm8.png]
[Image: 991gWPF.png]

5. Euros - (Forgot this name but this is from Kancolle)
[Image: I4FwMof.png][Image: jWnnqXD.png]

6. Zr-130 - (Forgot this name but this is from Touhou)
[Image: N2emzFO.png]

[Image: qZf4yqm.png]

7. Zr-130 - USS Laffey Azur Lane (sadly this itasha not from my maccount lmao)
[Image: FS7LOKk.png][Image: gtokBNe.png]

8. Uranus - USS Laffey Azur Lane
[Image: 2etInwo.png]
[Image: oauOeRq.png]

9. A-Type - USS Laffey Azur Lane
[Image: EuYEIZQ.png]
[Image: vAegsQS.png]

10. Jester - Coconut Nekopara
[Image: TvbXmhr.png]

[Image: Jgk3pyw.png]

11. Stallion - Azuki Nekopara
[Image: 0BuH98j.png][Image: kSAITPC.png]

12. Elegy - Chocola Nekopara
[Image: RgNcfhB.png]
[Image: 7cOVene.png]

13. Banshee - Shigure Minazuki Nekopara
[Image: 1eUVnxy.png][Image: AzcepAt.png]

14. Manana - Chinnamon & Maple Nekopara
[Image: UVPO3R5.png][Image: vMzSFlT.png]

15. Uranus - Vanilla Nekopara
[Image: MG5kfeU.png]
[Image: C1K6RM6.png]

16. Uranus - Chocola Nekopara
[Image: otvYnZQ.png][Image: IBpf3bS.png]

That all of my work for now

Elo twintel


RE: Itasha Livery - Iris Heart - 29-05-2021

8. ZR-350 Eromanga-sensei

[Image: zr3502.png]
[Image: zr3501.png]

9. Infernus Bel-chan

[Image: infernus1.png]
[Image: infernus2.png]

10. Sultan Rikka Takahashi

[Image: sultan1.png]
[Image: sultan2.png]

RE: Itasha Livery - Iris Heart - 08-06-2021

11. Elegy Nepgear Hyperdimension Neptunia 

[Image: elegy1.png] [Image: elegy2.png]

12. Deluxo Plutia Hyperdimension Neptunia

[Image: deluxo1.png] [Image: deluxo2.png]

RE: Itasha Livery - kayra999 - 08-06-2021

(08-06-2021, 18:39)Iris Heart Wrote: 11. Elegy Nepgear Hyperdimension Neptunia 

[Image: elegy1.png] [Image: elegy2.png]

12. Deluxo Plutia Hyperdimension Neptunia

[Image: deluxo1.png] [Image: deluxo2.png]

Tfw when you unlock neptunia set

RE: Itasha Livery - Iris Heart - 08-06-2021

(08-06-2021, 18:41)kayra999 Wrote: Tfw when you unlock neptunia set


RE: Itasha Livery - Iris Heart - 10-06-2021

13. Previon Noire Hyperdimension Neptunia (i saw this on somebody's elegy and have done a shit ripoff, glory to original)

[Image: previon1.png]
[Image: previon2.png]

14. Beamer Neptune Hyperdimension Neptunia

[Image: beamer1.png]

[Image: beamer2.png]

15. Club Rom and Ram Hyperdimension Neptunia

[Image: club1.png]
[Image: club2.png]

RE: Itasha Livery - YoWorstNightmare - 13-06-2021

I guess using Spoilers is that hard huh?

RE: Itasha Livery - kayra999 - 13-06-2021

(13-06-2021, 20:59)YoWorstNightmare Wrote: I guess using Spoilers is that hard huh?


RE: Itasha Livery - Iris Heart - 04-11-2021

16. Beamer Some random girl 

[Image: Screenshot-1.png]

[Image: Screenshot-2.png]

17. Elegy Mafuyu Kirisu We Never Learn

[Image: Screenshot-3.png]

[Image: Screenshot-4.png]

18. Elegy Fumino Furuhashi We Never Learn

[Image: Screenshot-5.png]

[Image: Screenshot-6.png]

RE: Itasha Livery - Iris Heart - 17-01-2022

Greetings! It's been a while, huh. I've made lots of new works, passed through lots of events and became (hope so) better. So, initially the idea was to finish The Whole itasha collection, with all currently added vinyls, but it's just difficult, a bit boring and some of vinyls are bad, like first anime pack. But i made a LOAD vinyls, and want to share it! 

There is no more sense in use "list", so it's just in shuffle

Primo Rizu Ogata "We Never Learn"

[Image: e9fb3166fab1.png]
[Image: 4737303fdd44.png]

Banshee Sagiri Izumi "Eromanga-sensei"

[Image: f4f56779d983.png]
[Image: b662625ab65b.png]

Beamer "Love Live"

[Image: 40ffa8b4b110.png]
[Image: f26e07e3009c.png]

Buffalo Neptune "Hyperdimension Neptunia"

[Image: 760d7377aea4.png]
[Image: c9619896e556.png]

Elegy Monika "DDLC"

[Image: 4a85387b97a6.png]
[Image: 791773e19494.png]

Elegy Nepgear "Hyperdimension Neptunia"

[Image: d3323d2d50c6.png]
[Image: 3663ed27dd8c.png]

Elegy Kirisu Mafuyu "We Never Learn"

[Image: 709b6a304994.png]
[Image: d80b54c49305.png]

Elegy Coconut "Nekopara"

[Image: c0288386e252.png]
[Image: a38d63b0041e.png]

Elegy Shigure "Nekopara"

[Image: f33fa6750ded.png]
[Image: c1896ad3d8ea.png]

Fortune Bel-chan "Azur Lane"

[Image: 726c4c14f3dc.png]
[Image: 978ca7f7e257.png]

Futo Chocola and Vanilla "Nekopara

[Image: 1f9aa5412b41.png]
[Image: 6eced1414d2e.png]

Kuruma Yuri "DDLC"

[Image: 7b18899e1b08.png]
[Image: 39a74de3462d.png]

Manana Sayori "DDLC"

[Image: fac7228c81f3.png]
[Image: 8d549e8b1c3d.png]

Sultan Rikka Takahashi "DDLC"

[Image: 5159db671e4f.png]
[Image: b44a54ee71de.png]

Super GT "Love Live"

[Image: 36e180670764.png]
[Image: b303c622153a.png]

Uranus Natsuki "DDLC"

[Image: 3984c03239e4.png]
[Image: fc2d57d273d4.png]

Some of them are remake of my previous works, some of them are completely new, and damn how many of them...
Also got some minds to say, for example server got to much of this stuff instead of something more useful. Why we don't have normal skulls vinyl? Only skillmasters layer, which obviousy isn't that comfortable to use. Or maybe another sposnors, or function to mirror vinyls... 
The point is that it's too much, and a bunch of them are loli's which is sad, cuz we have no booba at all, only Coconut... 
delete loli give booba

Btw Max sorry for that issue, i got what you mean and it was my problem, wasn't need to argue on you, so my apologies.