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Player report - WesKeR - 22-09-2021

I made an streetx race . and player name : ZyziVuitton  
he was ahead in the first laps of the race then i got the lead  then suddenly  he left when i got the lead. 
here is proof:


RE: Player report - Raven. - 22-09-2021

you should have reported him when your race ended, there is an report button on below left.

RE: Player report - WesKeR - 22-09-2021

there was no admins/moderators online at the moment, thats why i report him on forum, and didnt know about the report button. probably i didnt saw it . thanks

RE: Player report - ivke - 23-09-2021

I mean there really is no need to create a thread on some things like this.Mods will see the report when they enter the game.

RE: Player report - YoWorstNightmare - 23-09-2021

Thanks for the report.
Next time, please use the report button at the end of the race, on the bottom left of your screen.