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Update 10-11.09.2016 - bartekPL - 11-09-2016

Update 10-11.09.2016

Daily Magazines

Magazines has been finally added! Everyday you can do one magazine. To do it, just drive to the star icon in freerun mode and drive 3 passes. Magazine covers are stored on remote server and everyone have own link to his online profile with covers in garage in magazines menu.
Vinyl Run - do 3 magazines in a row within 3 days with car which has visual rating at least 3 stars (you don't need always same car, just 3 stars) and you'll be able to unlock one of three randomized vinyls (like via 1 TaskPoint but without paying).
Everyone can have maximum 20 covers but you can delete them in garage. Premium users don't have this limit.

Other changes
  • New SUV - Patriot
  • Unique Vintage - A-Type ("something super secret")
  • Renamed current Gloss paint to Standard (flat)
  • Renamed current Matte paint to Absorbent
  • Improved Metalic paint
  • Added Gloss paint NEW
  • Added Matte paint NEW
  • Added Pearlescent paint NEW
  • Added 6 new tasks (magazines).
  • Added new vinyls available to unlock (17 new items to unlock)
  • Added crew MOTD (Message Of The Day) (check permissions in ranks)
  • Added crew description (check permissions in ranks)
  • Now you can invite players to your crew using command /crewinvite <id or nick>
  • Improved displaying online status of crew members
  • Added Far Clip Distance slider in video settings (useful for weak PC owners)
  • Player blips are now behind garage blips on radar
  • Players from same crew have now yellow-colored radar blips
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements

New Maps
  • [Off-Road Sprint] Offroad Country
  • [Off-Road Sprint] Offroad Country [R]
  • [Sprint] Night Of Fire
  • [Sprint] Night Of Fire [R]
  • [Circuit] The Third Way
  • [Circuit] The Third Way [R]
Added 14.09.2016
  • [Sprint] Sphinxter
  • [Sprint] Sphinxter [R]
  • [Circuit] Casino's Ride
  • [Circuit] Casino's Ride [R]
  • [Circuit] Casino Race
  • [Circuit] Casino Race [R]
  • [Circuit] Fuel Injection
  • [Circuit] Fuel Injection [R]

More maps will be added within few days after update and this list will be updated!

RE: Update 10-11.09.2016 - Sara Larson - 11-09-2016

Amazing. Can't wait for it!

RE: Update 10-11.09.2016 - M1NISH - 11-09-2016

A-Typo no longer super secret! I'm interested how will these new colors look like on cars.

RE: Update 10-11.09.2016 - Falloucik - 11-09-2016

Great update! One suggestion tho it would be nice if the camera movement while taking the cover wouldn't be assigned to arrow keys.

RE: Update 10-11.09.2016 - Hexagon - 11-09-2016

but vintage not nfs style, lol

[Image: 4e8623711f18.png]

RE: Update 10-11.09.2016 - Rayman - 11-09-2016


RE: Update 10-11.09.2016 - Skadryl - 11-09-2016

[Image: m6H7azv.jpg]

RE: Update 10-11.09.2016 - Maxus - 11-09-2016

A-type in 3D? I can't wait.

RE: Update 10-11.09.2016 - XtrangeHD - 11-09-2016

Great im wanna get this a type fast

RE: Update 10-11.09.2016 - Zulioner - 11-09-2016

(11-09-2016, 10:14)Skadryl Wrote: [Image: m6H7azv.jpg]

i want to be on his fist someday