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Police Pursuits - bartekPL - 01-12-2016

Update 13.12.2016 - Police Pursuits
Update will be added in the evening

Police Pursuits has been finally finished!
Pursuits are only singleplayer mode with our own AI system.

How to start pursuit?
Just go to freerun mode, find police car and drive next to it with at least 100 km/h! Useful will be police scanner at the top of the screen.

  • Police Pursuits
  • New tasks
  • New Daily Task - Evade 3 pursuits
  • New vinyls
  • New settings options for police pursuits
  • Enabled searchbox in garage menu
  • New loading screens by ZAX25
  • Added snow on server
  • Minor bugfixes

New maps
  • [Sprint] Cargo Delivery
  • [Sprint] Cargo Delivery [R]
  • [Sprint] Gray Point
  • [Sprint] Gray Point [R]
  • [Sprint] Skyline Avenue
  • [Sprint] Skyline Avenue [R]
  • [Sprint] Underdog
  • [Sprint] Underdog [R]
  • [Circuit] Condo Row
  • [Circuit] Condo Row [R]
  • [Circuit] King of Las Venturas
  • [Circuit] King of Las Venturas [R]
  • [Circuit] Road to Palmino
  • [Circuit] Road to Palmino [R]
  • [Circuit] Seamen
  • [Circuit] Seamen [R]

RE: Police Pursuits - Tailor93 - 01-12-2016

Oh my... it's so awesome Big Grin I want it now Big Grin

RE: Police Pursuits - KacPower - 01-12-2016

good, perfect, very well. Nice and amazing job. Congratulation Bartek

RE: Police Pursuits - [PL]Miki - 01-12-2016

Jest ju┼╝ police???

RE: Police Pursuits - KacPower - 01-12-2016

No they're working about it

RE: Police Pursuits - Endriex - 01-12-2016

I still want a Sentinel XS in this game and I don't change my word!

RE: Police Pursuits - [SiK]SuperNova - 02-12-2016

Little details but nothing wrong :

On Heat level 3 : it's supposed to be Light Rhino (Police SUV) than the heavy Rhino that you reach at Heat level 4 .
And road block available at Heat level 2 and not 1

Still awesome content , i'm ready to see it and being more active Big Grin

RE: Police Pursuits - Hexagon - 02-12-2016

great work nfssa team

RE: Police Pursuits - XtrangeHD - 02-12-2016

This will be the most lagging part in the game . In the old computers will be lags or not ?

RE: Police Pursuits - bartekPL - 02-12-2016

It's well optimized but we will see.
About roadblocks on heat level 1 - they are very rarely.