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Welcome to NFS:SA! - bartekPL - 26-07-2015

Do you remember MTA:SA named Need For Speed : San Andreas?
If yes, we have good news for you but if not we also have good news for you!
Welcome to Need For Speed : San Andreas version 2!

Something about project.

NFS:SA is a MTA server project inspired by NFS Underground 1 and Underground 2 series.
We want to make absolutely new race system in MTA with advanced tuning and freerun mode.
At the beginning you'll be able to race on at least 4 types of races:
  • Circuit
  • Sprint
  • Drag
  • Drift
We have Quick Race's system, which matches players to race by their car performance and selects random race track. But don't worry, we have also Custom Race's system where you can race with your friends on your favorite map!

[Image: SQY4R6mb.jpg] [Image: wtkEyP6b.jpg]

By winning in the races, you can earn money and unlock new tuning parts. Our tuning system is unique and very expanded, so it's divided into few shops where you can arrive in freerun mode:
  • Body Shop - you can buy custom body parts like bumpers, spoilers, hoods etc.
  • Paint Shop - you can paint your car and buy extra vinyls (you can have up to 4 layers of vinyls)
  • Performance Shop - here you can improve your car performance by buying e.g new engine & E.C.U system.
  • Accessories Shop - you can install neons, change tint of windows and more.
  • Car Shop, where you can buy new cars.
[Image: XqM0s1Ob.jpg][Image: aMUsjoBb.jpg][Image: cUYTKHsb.jpg][Image: uc0rirob.jpg][Image: 7Hm1krIb.jpg][Image: SqYIoFfb.jpg]
You'll be also able to create your own driver character and every driver has an own statistics and cars.

[Image: f0zRGrmb.jpg] [Image: auJDGdnb.jpg]
But that's not all! Are you intrested in? So stay with us because more info soon!.

RE: Welcome to NFS:SA! - PleXu - 02-07-2018

Nice Big Grin

RE: Welcome to NFS:SA! - susis - 02-07-2018

when you replay to an old post feelsbadman

RE: Welcome to NFS:SA! - Aroszparo - 03-07-2018

Good luck

RE: Welcome to NFS:SA! - Rarti - 03-07-2018

can't wait..

Welcome to NFS:SA! - scaftz - 03-07-2018

Lock this thread already. lol

RE: Welcome to NFS:SA! - Rarti - 03-07-2018

(03-07-2018, 05:44)scaftz Wrote: Lock this thread already. lol

no fuck you, only EU can end this memeing.

RE: Welcome to NFS:SA! - Kuchsee - 03-07-2018

szykuje się super serwer, czekam z niecierpliwością

RE: Welcome to NFS:SA! - Rafaea512 - 09-07-2018

holy shit old nfssa footage

RE: Welcome to NFS:SA! - HanzoITS - 02-08-2018

[Image: 1448312739321.jpg]