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Tuning Update - Part I - bartekPL - 26-03-2017

Tuning Update - Part I
(Thursday-Friday 30-31.03.2017)

Update will be introduced during night from Thursday 30th to Friday 31th. At 23:00 server-time (GMT +1) server will be closed down due to required maintenance which shouldn't lasts more than 2 hours.

What is tuning update?

Tuning update is a big body tuning extension which introduces things like secondary bodykits, many new bumpers, spoilers, hoods and additional roof options. You can see everything detailed in this showcase thread.
Because this update is very big and requires a lot of work, it's introduced in parts - class by class.

Part I

First part introduces general review of whole tuning update and adds new body tuning to all E and A class cars including Futo and Counthash. Also, every A class car will get missing body tuning known from all other cars.
In part II of tuning update you can expect new tuning for D class very soon!

New NFS:SA Team member - Balcer

Also, in this news we want to welcome new member of NFS:SA Team - Balcer! Balcer is our new 3D Modeler who helps us a lot with tuning update and make progress visible.

Other changes in incoming update
  • Added new safehouse - Santa Maria's Beach
  • Added new safehouse - Paradiso
  • Added new safehouse - Rockshore West
  • Added new safehouse - Fort Carson
  • Added new paint shop - Dillimore
  • Added new paint shop - Fort Carson
  • Increased default amount of vinyl layers by 2
  • Now each TaskPoint Vinyl Card increases amount of available vinyl layers by 3 instead of 2 (+4 layers in total from all cards)

RE: Tuning Update - Part I - Skadryl - 26-03-2017


RE: Tuning Update - Part I - deadboy - 26-03-2017

Nice to hear! Welcome Balcer into the team, congratulation :d

RE: Tuning Update - Part I - EloRamzes - 26-03-2017

Congratulations Balcer
I waiting for tune update ;-)

RE: Tuning Update - Part I - Hexagon - 26-03-2017

Good job.

Congratulations Balcer.

RE: Tuning Update - Part I - Sardyna153 - 26-03-2017

Thanks to venom

RE: Tuning Update - Part I - Szymio - 26-03-2017

Im hyped as f. Grats Balcer

RE: Tuning Update - Part I - Małgo - 26-03-2017

Balcer just do it

RE: Tuning Update - Part I - Oskiinus - 26-03-2017

Congrats Balcer.

Finally new bodykits!

By the way, what about parts made by Venom, will they get added in this update?

RE: Tuning Update - Part I - Quindo - 26-03-2017

Parts made by venom will be added, they are great