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Update 16-17.04.2016 - Freerun Duels - bartekPL - 13-04-2016

Update 16-17.04.2016 - Freerun Duels!

Freerun Duels has been finally finished and released!
You can challange other player for a duel by holding Righ Mouse Button in Freerun Mode and click him.
  • Added into statistics menu information about duels
  • Added duels category in ranking menu
  • Added new general tasks for duels
  • Added new daily task - Play 4 Freerun Duels
Also added duel stats into User Panel, but this feature may not work properly within few hours after update.

"A" Class - First Cars!

We finally started work on "A" class and with this update we are adding 2 new cars!
  • Turismo - first "A" class car available at 230k RP (some players will get this car unlocked after update)
  • Counthash - "A" class unique car choosen here:
For Counthash, map with parts has been updated in Progress and Rewards menu.
[Image: yyQMfp1.png]

About Counthash: original Counthash mod has been made by JohnnyK (Aztecas_5). We got permission to edit and use his mod so if you like this car please thank him! (his profile:

  • Added many new vinyls possible to unlock
  • New vinyls categoy - Modern
  • New maps:
    • [Sprint] Missionary Canyon
    • [Sprint] Missionary Canyon [R]
    • [Drift] Missionary Canyon
    • [Drift] Missionary Canyon [R]
  • Minor fixes

RE: Freerun Duels Incoming! - MelonTasty - 13-04-2016

Can't wait to play it!

RE: Freerun Duels Incoming! - MechaNoxia - 14-04-2016

Stop making it even awesomer while I cant play it ! Lmao ^^"

As always, keep on the good work, you guys are Incredible ! Big Grin <3

RE: Freerun Duels Incoming! - Noob032 - 14-04-2016

Cool, have long been waiting for a this update, you are the best administrators)

RE: Freerun Duels Incoming! - Jester - 15-04-2016

Good job, but this lags is terrbile...

RE: Freerun Duels Incoming! - xGrondzel - 16-04-2016

Lags was gone, guys! Smile

RE: Update 16-17.04.2016 - Freerun Duels - Kayllidos - 17-04-2016

Nice \Big Grin/

RE: Update 16-17.04.2016 - Freerun Duels - E1manTas - 04-05-2016

Good job.