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"Hunt The Staff" event + Update 26.07.2016 - bartekPL - 25-07-2016

[Image: uM9hDkt.png]

We're glad to inform you about next official event called "Hunt The Staff" and new update coming with it!

Event results:
[Image: MApzUnD.png]

Hunt The Staff

The event will start at 20:00 (8pm) server time (UTC +1:00 DST) on Tuesday 26th July..
During event staff members (Moderators and NFS:SA Team) will be hidden around whole SA map and players will have to find them, just like while looking for unique cars parts.
Some info and rules:
  • Hidden staff members won't be visible on radar and nametag will be displayed only if you are close enough
  • Staff members will be hidden in common places, easily accessible for everyone without stunts. If it will be too hard to find someone, he will start driving around his place.
  • Staff members will use SUVs as cars which will come in update - just a small preview of them Smile
  • If you'll find someone then you have to write on global chat his name and his car.
  • Reward for a found staff member is premium code for 10 days and everyone can find only one staff member and get only one reward.
  • During event you will have small board about hidden members on screen in freerun mode.
After the event we're planning to make a cruise around LV so it will be time to take some screenshots or record a YT video.
Best meeting place will be Las Venturas Creek.

After the event and meeting will be time for server update!
At 00:00 server will be closed for some time due to general maintentance and of course update.

New Cars Unlocking System

First and most important change will be new cars unlocking system. Previously you had to earn specifed amount of RP to unlock car (each car had own RP requirement) Sometimes you could unlock your favorite car fast, sometimes you were forced to collect more and more RP even if cars were from same class.
With new system you will still need RP but know you can exactly choose what do you want to unlock.
I believe that screenshots below explains everything:

[Image: BtdJsicb.png] [Image: 4hftxKhb.png] [Image: bW9jctxb.png]

New Class - SUV

Second huge change are SUVs.
For now there will be 5 SUVs, more SUVs will come in the following weeks:
  • Walton
  • Cartel Cruiser
  • BeeJay XL (Gang Rancher)
  • Huntley
  • Kalahari (unique)
Also will appear new race mode - Off-Road, only for SUVs. They are just simple sprints and circuits but with checkpoints you have to drive through.
With new mode there will be new 6 tasks (3 for playing off-roads and 3 for winning off-roads).

New Map Selection Menu

There will be also UI improvement - new map selection menu.
New menu is more interactive and user-friendly.
You are now also informed about map author and you have preview image of every map.

[Image: nL0hYzZb.png]

New Rims System
  • 6 new rims
  • 2 new rims brands
  • Each wheel can be now colorable separately in Paint Shop
  • While buying new rims you can now choose also size.
  • NEW! 6 spinners - available in Accessories Shop but you have to unlock them with Body Points.
More details:

New maps (this list can change till the update!):
  • [Off-Road Sprint] Desert Land
  • [Off-Road Sprint] Desert Land [R]
  • [Off-Road Sprint] Offroad Tour
  • [Off-Road Sprint] Offroad Tour [R]
  • [Off-Road Sprint] Tierra Isle
  • [Off-Road Sprint] Tierra Isle [R]
  • [Off-Road Sprint] Towards The Peak
  • [Off-Road Sprint] Towards The Peak [R]
  • [Off-Road Circuit] Area Project
  • [Off-Road Circuit] Area Project [R]
  • [Off-Road Circuit] Dirty and Bumpy
  • [Off-Road Circuit] Dirty and Bumpy [R]
  • [Off-Road Circuit] The Pond
  • [Off-Road Circuit] The Pond [R]
  • [Off-Road Circuit] The Quarry
  • [Off-Road Circuit] The Quarry [R]

Other changes
  • 8 new headlights in Body Shop
  • 11 new taillights in Body Shop
  • Added No Spoiler option for Turismo and Counthash
  • Balanced Counthash handling
  • Many new vinyls available to unlock
  • New vinyls category - Manufacturer
  • Minor fixes and improvements

RE: "Hunt The Staff" event + Update 26.07.2016 - KomuH - 25-07-2016

OH... Perfect news!

RE: "Hunt The Staff" event + Update 26.07.2016 - Skadryl - 25-07-2016

Wow! I love that update Big Grin

RE: "Hunt The Staff" event + Update 26.07.2016 - Oskiinus - 25-07-2016

I'll try my luck with the event Big Grin

RE: "Hunt The Staff" event + Update 26.07.2016 - Tarento - 25-07-2016

Great work, thank you.

RE: "Hunt The Staff" event + Update 26.07.2016 - MrBloody - 25-07-2016

:o  Nice!

RE: "Hunt The Staff" event + Update 26.07.2016 - R.Shirayuki - 26-07-2016

I'm the one who came up with the event idea and I'm pretty darn sure I'll be the first one to be spotted XD

RE: "Hunt The Staff" event + Update 26.07.2016 - XzdrekX - 26-07-2016

Question because there have Cadron of 8k for example, clicked on it will take me rp or rp is

RE: "Hunt The Staff" event + Update 26.07.2016 - Venom - 26-07-2016

RP will not be taken away from anyone, for every earned RP point you will be also given a free RP point which functions very similarly to money.

RE: "Hunt The Staff" event + Update 26.07.2016 - XzdrekX - 26-07-2016

because in this photo 3 writes Cadron 8k rp which costs so much that she or he lacks