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[Event] Drift Sessions 2020

Napisany przez Tekk, 02-03-2020, 23:21

[Event] Drift Sessions 2020

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[Image: CSzU4Is.png]

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!

Some of you may still remember the last year's collaboration between us with Orbacle and the boys from the CultuЯe crew. In case you don't, or you joined fairly recently, let me do the introduction part quickly
. Me and the boys are teaming up for a new event that's gonna bring up some new cool stuff to the table. Last time I promised you that there's gonna be some good changes and improvements once we unite again, and I'm staying true to that - indeed we did some.

Let me announce it officially: We are welcoming ya'll to the opening of the Drift Sessions 2020!

Main Objective:
There's gonna be a drift competition, on a 3 brand new maps, available with the upcoming update. Though, the maps being available from the beginning is not the only change that's gonna happen this time. The event's also gonna have a completely new, fully automatic, built-in calculation system. Yep, no more sweaty slow point grinding or any freeroam-based randomness. This is a complete new thing that was made specifically to provide you an interesting challenge and overall give you some new experience. Who knows, maybe it will become a popular thing later? Let's see!

This system won't be available before the event starts. However, it should become publicly available (as an addition) later, unless there's some issues found about it.

Side Objective:
A small livery contest, just as always. However, this time, depending on the amount of participants, it may happen in the end instead of the beginning. The rules for it are simple: Create a drift-racing related livery for your car. Replicas are allowed too, but you must pay attention to the minor details if you're making one.

The judges for the contest are picked from outside of the participants list.

Max Score = 375.

Blacklisted Cars / Classes:
1. Vintage.
2. All SUVs (with an exception of Buggy).
3. Class A.
4. All FWD and AWD cars.

Saturday, March 14th, GMT+1.

20:00 - Start of the meet.
20:15 - Competitor's presence checking. All participants must arrive before this time.
20:25 - Start of the livery contest. (Race part is gonna be first if there's over 20 participants.)
~21:00 - First competitors start to race.

Registration Deadline:
March 14th, 19:00, GMT+1.

1st place - 25 days premium code.
2nd place - 15 days premium code.
3rd place - 10 days premium code.
Best Livery - 7 days premium code.

Tekk, Orbacle, Bunny, Broski.

Meet Location:
[Image: B9sLXkH.png]
Bone County's parking lot, west of Verdant Meadows Airfield.

Stages Info:
Map #1 - Fare N' Square
Map #2 - Sunset Avenue
Map #3 - Highway Patrol

Maps are now available publicly. Feel free to check them out!

For the sign-up, leave your in-game name in this thread. Be sure you don't have it changed by the time the event is about to start.

If you have any questions regarding the event, contact me @ Discord.

Shoutout to Orbacle (co-host, supporting the idea and creating the epic feature for it, paint.net tips and plugins), Quindo (map testing, answering to lots of my questions, rewards, various resources), Bunny (co-host, map design suggestions), Broski (co-host), yokou (promoting and announcements), also Reinvy, MrPatato, Jov and Whas for assisting with creation of the banner for this event

P.S. Yokou told me that March 14th is also gonna be Papiez' birthday. Don't forget to say something nice!


The event is over! Click this link to see the spreadsheet.

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