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New Crews ranking + Crew events

Napisany przez Curtex, 11-06-2018, 14:13
New Crews ranking + Crew events

Offline Curtex

Coming up with a new suggestion, I'd like to remember everyone this is just a suggestion, so in case you've got any suggestions on minor changes or opinions, I'd like to read about them, please.

Please also keep in mind this is my opinion, which may be different to yours.

From long ago, I've been looking at the actual Crews system, and although as far as I know there's supossed to be a change in Crews system, I'd like to suggest something else.

Crew ranking

At the moment, the crew ranking system is simple. Does an average between all the crew members RP, so the higher the average, the higher the crew is in the ranking, resulting in the top crews being the ones with higher RP.
This shouldn't be like this. In my opinion, the top crews should be the best ones on what's the game based on, which is generally, racing. Of course, RP matters, as probably a newbie with 200 RP won't be able to win a veteran with 900.000 RP, but, come on... It's pretty obvious that this is not the case in many, maaany circumstances, and there are many ways to earn RP with unfair systems (such as racing against complete newbies, doing a long trip on Pursuits...)

So, I've come up with a new system.

This system rewards crews by being the best at what they're supossed to, racing, using a score based on their victories against other crews. An example will make everything easier to explain.

Imagine we've got 5 crews: A, B, C, D and E.

At the same moment this new crew system gets implemented, every crew will automatically have by default 1000 CRP (Crew Reputation Points).

Crews will be able to fight against other crews daily for this reputation points.

Depending on both crews scores, the ammount of points will be different.
This means if Crew A has 100 CRP and crew B has 1000 CRP, Crew A could win up to 20 CRP by winning the battle, and Crew B will only get 5 CRP, on the other hand, if Crew A has 100 CRP and Crew B also has 100 CRP, they will both earn 8 by winning their rivals.

The ammount of Crew Battles will be limited to 2 Max per day, and forced to 1 Min per week.
Crews can either request or be requested for a battle, so each crew can request for a battle and be requested for a battle daily.
Every crew will be forced to accept at least 1 Crew Battle request weekly, otherwise, they will start losing points daily, in order to increase their activity if they want to maintain their crew high in the ranking. This losing CRPs event will start since the first Crew Battle denied by the crew, so this means a crew will maintain his score forever, unless they've been requested for a Crew Battle and they denied it, in which case, the minimum ammount of battles per week will trigger, forcing it to battle at least 1 crew.

Crews will start with 1000 CRPs on the first month since the update get released, so if the system is added day 3 of September, crews created on day 4 of October will start with 0 CRPs.

So... How are the Crew battles going to be?

It's pretty simple. They'll be small tournaments. There will both be ranked battles and unranked. Ranked battles will force both crews to have a minimum of 4 racers and 3 different races. Races can be from any type: Circuit, Sprint, Speedtrap, Drag, Drift, Street-X and even Off-Road (Last 1 may be kinda hard).
The Crew who requested the battle will have to choose 1 race, while the one being requested will choose 2. The battle will have points as we've got right now on the URLs (Depending on your position, you'll get more or less).
The crew who requested the battle will be able to choose car scores as long as the opposite team has a similar score on the 4 participants.
You can't go on 500 Score cars if your rivals only have 300 Score cars, before starting the Crew Battle, the server itself will have to make sure both crews will have similar scores available, and then, allow the attacking crew to choose their vehicles between the ones that fit the available scores. If Crew A members have cars between 200 and 450, Crew B will have to choose vehicles similar to these scores, otherwise, the crew battle won't be able to start.
This can be done by simply making a Crew Battle lobby, where every player that joins will be scanned by the server. If everyone of the 8 players have similar scores, they will be able to battle, otherwise, the starting button will be deactivated.
The different scores range should be the same as it is in Quick race, or slightly bigger (As far as I know, 25 higher or lower from the defined one, so from 300 to 325, or 450 to 425...)

Points per positions may need to be changed in order to increase the importance of teamworking.
After finishing the 3 races, every crew will have their scores, which will be a total of everyone's crew score.
If crew C had Player 1 with 3 points, Player 2 with 7 points, Player 3 with 10 points and Player 4 with 0 points, the Crew Score would be 3+7+10+0=20.
The crew with more score wins the battle!
Note: If any crew member disconnects by any reason, the battle will keep going, but in a 4 v 3 situation. Players will be allowed to leave the battle at any moment. If every player of a crew disconnects/leaves the battle, the opposite team will win the battle, being rewarded by double the ammount of CRP they should get by winning.

Unranked battles can be done at any moment, in 1 v 1, 2 v 2, 3 v 3 or 4 v 4. It will basically be the same, but without any risks of winning/losing CRPs. This would allow crews to have fun and train with their crew mates.
Unranked battles won't be forced to have simillar scores as well

Top crews will be rewarded weekly (Similar rewards to weekly toptimes).

Depending on the position, the crew itself will have a bigger or smaller reward.

Every player in the crew will be rewarded depending on it's importance on the crew ranking. They will both be rewarded by simply participating and will have a bonus depending on the ammount of points they got. This will also be higher or lower depending on the crew position (And maybe also depending if it went higher or lower on the ranking since the past week).

So that's all for Crew Battles, 4 v 4 Ranked with 3 races and similar score cars fighting per some CRPs, or Unranked undefinied and fair or not races purely for fun and training. (Racing rewards on unranked will be lower than ranked ones)

Now, there's a problem here... We've only got 1000 CRPs per crew, what if they go inactive? We'll eventually lose CRPs till we get no one... Well, no, there's something else... Crew events.

What are Crew Events?
Crew events are activities that will be triggered weekly in order to let crews gain CRPs without chances to lose them.

Crew events will start weekly on saturday and end on monday, exactly after 48 hours from the beginning.
A Crew event will allow crews to show their skills in another PvP activity, which will be different weekly. It can either be a time attack, a pursuit, drifting...
Crew events will be only available for crew members.

In order to participate, the crew will have to get 4 crew members going through the activity. This activity will have to be triggered on Free Mode, forcing the players to head to a different location weekly to do it.
The crew members won't be forced to be pre-chosen, they will have to be selected manually by the own crew, as every member will have access to the event untill the 4 required crew members do the activity.

But... How do we do this? Is this a massive race or something?
No, this is a single player mode. Which can either be a time attack on a random circuit, sprint, Street-X or even drag track, a speedtrap, a pursuit, a drifting race...

For time attacks, the 4 crew members will have to race against the time in order to get the fastest possible times. After this, the 4 times will be added together to get a Crew Time, so this means every member will have to make an effort to get the smallest possible total time.

For speedtraps, the total speed of the 4 participants will be added together on a Total Crew Speed.

Same goes for drifting and pursuits.

Pursuits will have a time limit and an automatically triggered police chase event. The bigger the bounty, the better. After the time limit, the pursuit will automatically end, a player can end sooner by evading the police. The bounty will decrease by a 10% per every 90 seconds after you reach the pursuit's time limit
Being busted will decrease the bounty by a 50% and automatically end the pursuit for the member.
The heat level will be set to one that fits the event limits and won't be changeable during the pursuit.

To make things balanced, this events will not only change the activity, but also the requirements to do it. On Week 1 we could have a Circuit with 3 laps only available for E class. Week 2 may be a Drag race available for A class, Week 3 can be an Off-Road race available (Obviously) for SUVs, Week 4 could be a Pursuit limited for 300 score cars or lower.

If any member of any crew disconnects or quits in the middle of the Crew event, the Crew access to the Crew Event will be eliminated, and they will have to wait for the next week to participate again.
The event will be available to be seen since monday, but will only be playable on saturday and sunday. So you can look up for what's going to be on the week and traing for it. You could visit it and see if it's a pursuit, a race, drifting, and then train and organize which members will participate.

Top crews on the events will be rewarded with CRPs, adding more CRPs to the game.

With this system and ranking we will both add more action and importance to crews and a fairier ranking system, which will both reward how old a crew is and how good it's members are.

And yeah, it's obvious this is not purely fair, but don't you dare to tell me it is less fair than the actual system...
Also, if you have any questions or if I made any mistake on explanations, please ask and I'll answer as soon as possible.

Oh and... Just in case you're wondering how unfair would be "Starting with 0 CRPs if your crew gets created after 1 month from the update release"... 1000 CRP would be nothing compared to rewards crews could get by the weekly Crew Events, The starting 1000 CRPs for the first crews to experiment this will just allow them to start Crew battles for CRPs since the beginning of the update, so they don't have to wait for Crew Events and can already try it out.
And since I'm pretty sure there will be a couple of crews that will end up with 0 CRPs, I find it correct to make newer crews start from the very bottom, with 0 CRPs.
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