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Let's get these sounds started

Napisany przez TypowyHeckie_SinisterFactory, 14-12-2019, 21:31
Let's get these sounds started

Offline TypowyHeckie_SinisterFactory

Hey, guyz. Heckie here again.

I see there are still some nice numbers of players on server - Good News for me :3
There's also some good news for you, fellas. I might be able to start this Sound Pack i was talking about. I'll start it on next week i think.
Don't worry about me. I'm just having a hard time sometimes, but i'm still okay Smile I should enter to the server one day for... idunno... just talk or testing sounds for sure. I'll keep you posted how is it goin' on. I didn't managed to FULLY extract NFS Carbon .abk files but i managed to extract a bigger half of them that might be useful. So... yeah. Let's get these sounds started.

I'll see ya

Heckie Smile
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"MIEJSKIE LEGENDY nigdy nie umierają, skoro ciągle o nich mowa." ~Heckie

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Let's get these sounds started - by TypowyHeckie_SinisterFactory - 14-12-2019, 21:31

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