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Napisany przez whiteseed, 15-02-2021, 17:21

Offline Nabatse

There's a lot to say about this, but a short opinion: no, it's meaningless.

An elaborated opinion: (TLDR version)
Sounds pretty good on first think, giving the beginners some clues how this dyno thing works and a little extra "boost" is always nice for them.
Thinking on this more and more deeply makes it seem less and less efficient in every way. Giving all people (e.g. who starts from now) 1/1/1 tuning for their first car would be a great thing, but it is only good for making the start of the game a little faster, so they won't get bored of it after 10 minutes. In practice, this will only make difference if they go against stock D class cars, therefore they wouldn't lose like if they had 0/0/0 from start, but they will still lose in other circumstances mostly because we still talk about beginners, they can't drive well and don't know anything (or at least not much) how the cars handle on this server, or maybe how the SA physics affects the cars in general etc., they still have to get used to how things work here, and giving them 1/1/1 cars won't make it easier. Also, when they hit D class they have to start from 0/0/0 anyway so what's the true point of this. Not to mention they'll feel the stock D class car much slower than the previous class and can be more anxious about starting maxing it, furthermore they couldn't experience the so called "true upgrade" from the previous class because we gave them much better cars at the start.
Giving them dyno only for their first car for the purpose of seeing the basics of dyno looks pretty good in theory, but bleeds out in practice. We are talking about new players, under ~20k RP who doesn't have any clue how things work in dyno, and i don't think they could understand much from 3 pre-constructed dyno for 1(!) car. I highly even doubt they could realize these dynos are good for them and made on purpose, rather than thinking those are just random stuff and delete them because they're affraid of them making their car worse*. I'm not saying every new player is like this, i know there are intelligent onces, but most of them are really pepega (some of them don't even read the rules or close the HELPING guides** on the start because they just don't care about them then later they'll ask these things on global rather than read them, or the fact some of them can't even sync their in-game account with the forum and it isn't a rocket science either). I hate to say this, but this is the avarage new player impression i've experienced in the years (especially nowadays).

*Or let's hypotetically say they'll understand something from them and see why they are good, now one worse thing car occur: they'd belive that the race/drift dyno they got is the best because it was so good for their first car, so they'll apply it for every other car in the future. Then sadly realize this isn't how things works here, because every car reacts differently for the same dyno, there is no cars here whose handling are identical at all. In this case they couldn't put this knowledge they got (from the pre-constructed dynos) in really good use.
**These guides are made on purpose for them but if they close these helping guides which are meant to help them as well (just like the pre-constructed dynos), i don't think we could expect they'll sit down and analyze how a good dyno should look. If they really want to know about this stuff and would analyze these things, i think they are determined enough to read the forum as well.
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