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Chow's Tridimensional Spoilers

Napisany przez MatthewChow, 11-06-2017, 00:13
Chow's Tridimensional Spoilers

Offline MatthewChow

Gonna make a little gallery with the stuff I make in Blender. I already made a few car parts, and I've been getting more used to Blender with time.
I still don't know how to do the normals and texturing part, but I'm hoping to figure it out with experience. I find modeling cars pretty fun.
Did you like this new bodykit for the Fortune that came with Tuning Update Part 2? I made that one. Helomyname edited it and put it in the server.
No, this doesn't mean the stuff I make ends up in the game, I've been repeating this part to be crystal clear. What ends up in the server is 100% their decision, but, I'm still giving out these for the developers to use freely at any moment, if it saves them time or whatnot.
... I know most people don't like walls of text, so I'll move on with it and skip to the cars.


Exhaust Tips:
  • [Image: blender_2017_03_27_22_24_05_27_by_thepor...bc92lr.png]
  • [Image: blender_2017_04_02_22_22_22_54_by_thepor...bc92uo.png]
  • [Image: blender_2017_04_02_22_21_52_17_by_thepor...bc9333.png]
  • [Image: blender_2017_04_02_22_21_57_62_by_thepor...bc932p.png]
  • [Image: blender_2017_04_02_22_22_01_36_by_thepor...bc932b.png]
  • [Image: dwm_2017_05_04_21_47_56_97_by_theportugu...bc923s.jpg]


  • Uranus (not happy with it) 
    [Image: blender_2017_05_12_16_57_29_56_by_thepor...bc919l.jpg]
    [Image: blender_2017_05_12_16_57_23_57_by_thepor...bc919w.jpg]
    [Image: blender_2017_05_12_16_57_11_34_by_thepor...bc91a9.jpg]
    [Image: blender_2017_05_12_16_57_39_11_by_thepor...bc9197.jpg]
  • Vinyl Set (I reached the conclusion this paintjob has elements too complex for NFS:SA's current vinyl system and would probably not fit right) 
    [Image: wip1raw_by_theportugueseplayer-dbcbkvv.jpg]
    It's also not possible as a standard GTA paintjob without changing the original texture maps.
    [Image: gta_sa_2017_05_15_18_36_39_78_avi_snapsh...bcbl24.jpg]
    [Image: wip1_by_theportugueseplayer-dbcbkxj.png]
  • Flash
    (Post #34, located at page 4 of this thread.)
  • Primo
  • Clover
  • Stallion

And, well, I'll update the thread everytime I model anything new. I hope you like these!

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