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How to be fast like Tross (Kinda, atleast the 'essential')

Napisany przez RaiYou, 28-12-2017, 02:43
How to be fast like Tross (Kinda, atleast the 'essential')

Offline RaiYou

The first question is: Do you have 60 frames per second 100% of the time?
And the second question is: Is your "60" fps smooth? I mean, are your frametime really good?
If your pc can deliver to you this performance while racing, then the rest you can do is just improve.
In MTA the faster your game runs the faster you are, even though in NFSSA the FPS is locked at 60, these frames can be made smoother with a thing called "Frametime", even if you do get the number "60" on the frame counter, sometimes you're not really getting smooth 60 fps, frametime are the seconds your GPU/CPU takes to deliver to your monitor the frames, so the shorter time your pc deliver to you the frames, the better you will be in MTA Racing, again, even with fps locked at 60 on NFSSA.
It's quite noticable how this works, if you played URL you may notice, some REAAALLY huge difference from good pc users from average pc users.
Example, If you met one of those players, it's a very high chance that you have lost to then before with a huge time difference, the principals are:

Tross(the best player of the server)

(Honorable mentions)

And quite some others. On a lobby with all of then, the probability of you coming last is quite high, even if they mess up, they can catch up back to you super easily, even if you're driving perfectly.
(Oh but Aachan, you do beat me super easy, and also have seen you beat some of these guys sometimes, aren't you one of they then?)No, my pc sucks, and I only win when they mess up really badly(thing which is very rare), when they are racing seriously I have no freaking chance and I was getting really pissed about it before, but with time I just started to accept that I can't touch these guys(yet), so I say to myself that when I have the opportunity to have a better pc, I will do my best to take my revenge against these guys on a fair equal performance to equal performance race. Right now I can win easily against low skilled players, sorry if I sound cocky saying that, I call myself an average player, but anyone who have good sense of 'meta cars' and good dyno setups can beat me quite easily, example YoWorstNightmare is a very decent player, I could say he is very close to my level, he almost beats me everytime we race, and I like to compete against him. I try to be competitive at my best, but it's not enough to get close to these op guys performance at the moment.

I figured this speed difference when helomyname changed his pc in mid year, before the new pc, we where equal in performance, I could beat him the same as he could beat me, there aren't any huge difference between us, but when he got his new pc, he became unbeatable for me, just like the other guys from above, so after that the reason why I'm slower than then became obvious, my pc performance doesn't match then.

So, I will not say ways to improve FPS because thats obvious and you can easily search anywhere, but even if you do make your fps better, the frametime will not improve that much, the only way to be at these guys level, are owning a High end Processor and GPU(doesn't need to be high end actually, since it's GTA SA), but you do need to make your game smooth as possible, if your Processor doesn't have all the cores active by default, active then it will make the processing better, and also if you have an SSD, install your mta and gta there, your game will stop stuttering from trying to load vinyls for example, and this together with the NFSSA Booster it will make the game room quite nice.
After all this, if you do have condition to do this you will see a huge improvement in your racing experience, and to get closer to these pro racers you need to improve and improve.

That's all, I was just bothered with this question of "Why I am losing to then that way, and why I'm beating these ones so easily", some responses were (Dyno m8 git gud), and that pissed me quite a lot, dyno don't explain the performance difference when me and one of these guys have same car and even same setup, he still faster than me, so I just figured out that has to be something related to game speed, not hacks, just Good PC Performance.
Btw if somewhat you find me saying something like "speeders" in chat, I'm talking about these guys, I couln'd find a proper name to name then, cause "Good PC users" are... eh... So I think Speeders fits the factor. That's all.
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