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About obtaining the Deluxo...

Napisany przez Martinz, 08-01-2018, 23:30
About obtaining the Deluxo...

Offline Martinz

Disclaimer: While writing this thread I've tried to remain impartial, however I can't promise that the end result won't be subjective.


Let's start the thread by coming out with the grand statement it will revolve around...
The current method of unlocking the Deluxo is fundimentally a bad design.

Now that I've thrown this out, allow me to elaborate upon the topic.

I'd like to make it clear - I completely understand the reason why the unlock requirements for the Deluxo are so steep. It's meant to be a reward for the most dedicated players willing to log on every day. That is perfectly acceptable and I have no issue with that - giving people a greater reason to play on a regular basis is a good idea. It lets the server grow a community of regular players. Absolutely nothing wrong with that.

However, 50 days of consecutive logging in, day after day, is... a little bit too demanding... at least in my opinion.

Let's look at it from a different viewpoint.
50 days are almost two months. Almost one sixth of an entire year. A lot of things can happen during that time. Over time, various events pop up, some of which may force us to be unable to play, or even access the computer at all. For example, I already have something scheduled within the next 34 days (I have finished DH #16 today; about 34 more days to go), and this effectively means that I know I won't be able to get the Deluxo because of that scheduled event. I will be away from my home - this event will also make me unable to access any sort of a computer. I cannot reschedule it in any way, nor can I arrange to take my PC with me. I would also prefer not to share my account with others. I've never done it on any service I've used and I'd rather not start doing it.
The aforementioned event will be happening about four weeks from now. My current DH streak for the Deluxo is already dead n-nani?! and I have no way to save it.

I'd like to suggest a change to the current requirements of unlocking the Deluxo. There are two ways to go about this, from my point of view.

a) Scale down all DH-related milestones to a lower amount.
Proposition A is a change to the current milestones. In my opinion, the maximum streak which unlocks unique rewards for regular gameplay should be 30 days. We have much more control over a month's time than we do over two months' worth of time. It's easier to schedule various events so that we know when we're surely going to be able to play on the server for at least those ten minutes every day.
Arguably, losing a Magazine Run streak is also an annoyance, but you have to notice the huge time difference between DH and MagRuns - you need to complete MagRuns on just 3 consecutive days for a visual/cosmetic reward, but losing a - let's say - 47 day DH streak delays you from getting a reward which is a new gameplay element.

b) Ditch the streak system and allow DH rewards to be unlocked at the player's own pace.
Proposition B is to get rid of the streak mechanic and make DH events not related to daily gameplay, but rather consistent gameplay. This way, players will be able to resume the progression any time they like, without making them angry over losing a streak for any possible reason. This system is already employed in the unlocking process for the Locust 69 - you obviously aren't required to win 50 URL Tournaments in a row in order to unlock it. This option doesn't punish players which drop their DH streak for any reason and is sure to prevent players from getting angry over a lost streak.

All of the above is, obviously, just my opinion on the matter. Everyone is free to agree or disagree, however I strongly believe that the current 50 day requirement for the Deluxo is, from a fundimental standpoint, a bad idea.

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