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Collisions in races

Napisany przez TigerShark96, 14-01-2018, 10:18
Collisions in races

Offline TigerShark96

Let us have an option to turn on/off collision in races, because sometimes its boring to have a "clean" race. At least Street-X should have collisions imho.
P.S. i know collision system in San Andreas is pretty bad, but i think its possible, to make it better.
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Offline LukaRaos

Hmm... No, please, people will start trolling and that...

Offline Martinz

NFS:SA allows you to race with people from all over the world - which means that there might be enormous ping discrepancies between players. When your ping differs from the other player, information is sent to the server at a different speed - information such as your position, and that includes whether you collided with someone and such. If the NFS:SA Team was to enable collisions during races, you'd basically have what you can already see in Freeroam when you bump into someone - it's a coin flip, a 50-50 chance that either you or the other player will be sent flying and the other person will merrily go on their way, almost like they never hit anything.

I'm against this idea. I prefer races to be a test of skill and whether the player can adapt to the track or not. Having your race ruined by someone PIT Maneuvering you into a wall is anything but that.

Offline Akamataa

No collision in races!!! it will end on ramming on everyrace
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Offline bartekPL

Martinz explained it well. Also behavior is very very bad at high speeds so most of the race.
That's reason why collisions will be never turned on for races even as an additional option - it's too bugged.

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Offline TigerShark96

Alright, thank you all for telling me your opinion, now i understand why there is no collisions in races and why they wont be added.
I'm a very kind and cheerful person, but when I'm angry, you better not see me ...
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Offline HanzoITS

That's the point from client and game, server connected stuff. But there's a nonsenseless from the side of physical behavior. I mean, as one dude above said that there will be more trolls than now, being pain in the ass. Moreover the problem with noobs from Forza Horizon, - newbies will hit your car at the corner to create instant breaking. So. Quess there is no need to add it.

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