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Forgotten Trap

Napisany przez Mikus286, 25-01-2018, 16:38
Forgotten Trap

Offline Mikus286

Name : Forgotten Trap
Author : Mikus286
Type : Sprint
Location : Los Santos


Offline scaftz

0:18 - The arrow placement is kinda weird, the road become kinda narrow.
0:36 - This shortcut shouldn't be blocked if you have it opened it on the other side.

I like the map overally.

Offline Rarti

Nice map but block the flood canal because it's confusing.

Offline Mikus286

Ok, repaired.

Offline Beneksy

0:38 i would delete that shortcut, i dont like them overall, or maybe make that shortcut the part of the track that you must go by instead of big a** shortcut.
 [Image: 0OzZabp.png] hoodpope

Offline ursusC360

[Image: 6uVHXG6.png]

Offline Kucky

That's short and nice, send to me via private message.
[Image: uQNR4m6.jpg]

Offline Mikus286

Ok,I will send you today.

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