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Stunt List Challenge/Event

Napisany przez Orbacle, 09-02-2018, 11:14

Stunt List Challenge/Event

Offline Orbacle

I am hosting a stunt event that will last for whole weekend.

Do all 10 specified stunts

Start time: Friday, Feb 9th, 21:30 polish time
Deadline: Sunday, Feb 11th, 23:59 polish time

Reward: First 7 players who do all the stunts that meet all requirements get either 5 day premium code or instant 7 day premium.

Bonus Reward: Players who do all stunts AND 2 bonus stunts get 20/30 day premium instead (even if 7 players already did the main part of event)

Event host reasons: 
1) Popularize stunting in SA 
2) Break the routine and let players have fun

Rules and Requirements:
  1. Specify your in-game MTA name (if it is different from forum name)
  2. You must take a screenshot of you being in the spot AND
    • Be stationary (0/1 km/h) and on all wheels
    • HUD must be turned on (minimap, speedometer etc)
    • Car lights must be turned on
    • Using duel for participants in order to get into spots is prohibited (violators will be disqualified)
    • Have your name written in chat in format "name - February"
    • Do not intentionally ram other stunters. You will be disqualified as well.
  3. Example screenshot:
    [Image: S5CM54o.png]

  4. The cars that you use must be photographed using built-in photo tool in garage and have the same paintjob as in screens. This is so that I can check through userpanel that it was you who did the stunt.
  5. Upload all the screens to image hosting software and include in your post here OR post them here in a spoiler tag
  6. Specify whether if you want the premium reward or not (doing it just for fun)

All stunts (except for bonus stunts) are possible on a B class car.

You have to be within the red area which is on screens.

Stunt list:
1) Pawn shop near LV Pyramid
 [Image: ktFkaIA.png]

2) Gas station near 4 Dragons casino
 [Image: LmVhSuy.png]

3) LV Airport roof upper part (not lower)
 [Image: EKQr68h.png] [Image: FLd3bph.png]

4) Oil refinery uppermost platform
 [Image: hMbtv0z.png]

5) Large rock near Abandoned airport
 [Image: T6qfgf2.png] [Image: VazHKKh.png]

6) Near Palomino Creek on tree
 [Image: P2nWLok.png] [Image: wrNbGMi.png]

7) CJ's House
 [Image: PN81a2W.png]

8) Helipad on LS Airport terminal
 [Image: GPbkXZp.png]

9) SF North Garage
 [Image: w8rdhbv.png]

10) SF Airport Terminal
[Image: 15NJNXk.png]

Bonus stunt list (not obligatory, but for 30 day premium):
1) The Da Nang Thang ship (between SF and Kalahari)
 [Image: GIQcnUa.png]

2) Amphibious Assault ship (between SF and Pier 69)
[Image: X6ZZFVL.png]

Good luck, and most importantly, have fun!


Offline iCrazyGamerTV

Ah, i want to participate but i got 21 days ban Sad

Offline EloRamzes

Very interesting idea.
Maybe I'll take part in it.

Offline LeonSkript


Offline QaisAla

I'd love to join but i got a school day :c

Offline Mikus286

Something for me XD
[Image: 91PBsm.png]

Offline XtrangeHD

wait what did we must use b class car to do all this stunts ?
[Image: giphy.gif]
[Image: giphy.gif]

Offline scaftz

You can use any, he just said that these stunts are do-able with B.

i did mine.

[Image: mEy1d96.png]
[Image: vINS07q.png]
[Image: u2HY2R9.jpg]
[Image: oFDvanP.jpg]
[Image: 1aARDYQ.png]
[Image: hb7wvft.png]
[Image: ZzTjK3O.jpg]
[Image: GVjwdtj.jpg]
[Image: jmhhMHb.jpg]
[Image: 7DAyjDj.jpg]


Offline JKMW

Was fun, thanks Smile

[Image: ZChClys.jpg][Image: 3WseEwJ.jpg][Image: 1T2QITM.jpg][Image: gJ3oYD4.jpg][Image: qG4VlRU.jpg][Image: 8cUhm4C.jpg][Image: BNjiU8H.jpg][Image: g89wRTH.jpg][Image: CkAW5eq.jpg][Image: 4lwduQ5.jpg]

Offline Meganе

Ok I did them with Bullet but yes it's possible with B class cars.
[Image: tumblr_p6cynbOReo1qcxzu2o1_540.gif]

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