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Races takes a long to load and it crashes when loads

Napisany przez Rafaea512, 15-02-2018, 00:59
Races takes a long to load and it crashes when loads

Offline Rafaea512

When i was playing NFSSA on my dads PC (since i had my laptop broken on those time) i wanted to join races for getting some RP, beacuse i had a new account on that time, but when the race loads, MTA crashes or loses connection, Time Attack and Drift races only loads
Here my dad's PC specs:
Intel GMA
Intel Pentium 4
1 GB Ram
Windows 8.1 Pro
Here my laptop specs:
Intel HD Graphics
Intel Celeron ®
2 GB Ram
Windows 10
I don't know why in my dad's pc the races dosent loads, but in my laptop yes, Any way to solve this? I play the server on the most lowest settings possible on my dad's PC, but the races still dosen't loads.
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Offline Akamataa

U need min 2 gb to even run this server, but even on your laptop u have probably only ~20 fps, i have similiar pc to your's dad's i can run server but in max ~5 fps + its crash after 10 mins.
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Offline Madman

Yeah, it is really worth it? You will feel uncomfortable playing on this PC
I have Intel Core 2 Duo 2,2Hz, some Radeon ATI HD graphics, and 4 gigs of RAM
And it's still hard for me to get stable 60fps, I had to do some tricks for reaching that framerate on my PotatoPC
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