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Second Server Anniversary! + Sad news?

Napisany przez bartekPL, 03-03-2018, 00:16

Second Server Anniversary! + Sad news?

Offline Barakuda

What about moderator recruitment?

Offline SkillZ

Awesome news !
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"They scream out my failures and whisper my accomplishments."

Offline MatthewChow

(03-03-2018, 12:37)bartekPL Wrote: Simillar situation. Make tuning parts and match them for other cars, everything individually - weeks of work.
You don't need to match them for the other cars, it's what I'm getting at. Why do you go to the work for adapting every existing piece into every car? It's time consuming and of crappy quality, and that's why nearly no game does it.
You can do it with most wings, but many bumpers simply don't fit right in many cars, and many times I didn't tune a car a certain way because of the lousy fitment of the parts.
Why not do what every other game does and work on parts per each car, and release smaller updates with a smaller set of parts that only affect the cars you had people actually work on? You already have tons of spare models you can use, the spares alone would be enough for an update. At the moment, you got all cars with 2 bodykits but one that has 3 that is Jester, so you already broke the "specific amount of parts per car" rule. I don't see a reason why not make, for example, a bodykit for Sultan, then a spoiler for Infernus, a few rims to the NFSSA folder, then some exhausts for Hustler... etc. And release them at random when you already have them done, like you already do with vinyls.
The players would be happy more often, the more popular cars would have a lot more options for customization, it would be less work and better use of resources, you'd have better retention, you'd make more with less, basically.
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They sure grow giant-sized sardines on Uranus.

Offline bartekPL

Yes, that's ok.
But it's still time consuming to make individual parts for cars and needs work.
We can't use every free time for developing NFSSA we have.

Offline Snake[PL]

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choose side and cl!ck

Offline JanuszProsie

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Offline DareDevil42

I understand that some "quality" updates won't be seen for some time, and I accept it. (But deep down, deep down I know some day something big is gonna happen out of the blue).
Like, a new, random class?? Ok I'm just fucking with you xd but as a developer of a server in your spare time when you're bored and you'd want to work on a new car of course you wouldn't see why you wouldn't do it. You'd do few things from time to time and in a few weeks or months you'd realise you're done and you surpise us with something new! Ok I'm just giving an example, maybe a unlikely one, but an example nonethenless, and it is possible. Anyway, what I mean is that, after the muscle class, of course there won't be some spicy updates for some time, but deep down, you know it's not the last spicy update. Anyway good luck with life and thanks for everything you gave to us, I'm glad I've been here since half-way and I hope y'all stick around or drop by from time to time.

Offline Jamesrobinson

(03-03-2018, 00:45)Rarti Wrote: Nice i can change my name back
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That username Tho XD

I wish you all luck,the server give me a place for making friends and getting Reputation (Not In-game RP,But Respect from peoples).Thanks For you and all of the admins hard works Wink
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Offline DXChrisXD

Last update with "new content" D:
No please, there still the Low Ryders cars there for make then
and probably sound ridiculous, but i want to see a Bus or Coach with the style of NFSSA

Offline MatthewChow

And I wanted the Moonbeam too, but hey, not everyone can fulfill their dreams, pal...
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They sure grow giant-sized sardines on Uranus.

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