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Bye Guys

Napisany przez Jamesrobinson, 10-03-2018, 17:51
Bye Guys

Offline Jamesrobinson

I will be Inactive for A weeks (Or months,can be years) because my Mta client Was corrupted and i can't reinstall it because it will be same thing even i already download another installer

Bye Huh
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Offline Madman

You can uninstall absolutely everything (I mean GTA, MTA and every related thingy) and then remove every game folder, cause they are left even after uninstalling (that's why mods are here still after reinstalling GTA for example). Remove:
C:\Program files (x86)\Rockstar Games
C:\Program files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.5
You can also remove GTA San Andreas User Files (located in "Documents" idk why)
Then install GTA and MTA again, when everything will be deleted. If this wont help, idk what will
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Away bamers

as expected from Madman

just adding things, there are still leftovers inside the registry
they need to be removed too I think
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Offline Madman

I once tried to delete corrupted gta3.img file (road textures etc.) and replace it by backup one
game folder had to be removed to do that, there was my modified gta3.img but invisible. When I tried to paste backup file there - the game still was using invisible corrupted one
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Offline HanzoITS

I can't see the problem there. How couldn't you Reinstall the MTA Client? Is it that difficult? Or there's a bigger trouble connected with PC or etc. ?
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