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Stunt List Event #2 - Easter 2018

Napisany przez Orbacle, 27-03-2018, 22:41

Stunt List Event #2 - Easter 2018

Offline Orbacle

I am hosting a second edition of stunt list event.
Please read all the rules below carefully.

[Image: stunteventeaster2018poster.png]

Do all specified stunts

Start time: Friday, March 30th, 21:30 polish time
Deadline: Sunday, April 1st, 23:59 polish time

Reward: First 3 players who do all the stunts that meet all requirements get either 5 day premium code or instant 7 day premium.

Wild Card Reward: After first 3 winners are already decided, next first 2 players who do all stunts AND all bonus stunts get 5/7 day premium.

Event host reasons: 
1) Popularize stunting in SA 
2) Let players have fun

Rules and Requirements:
  1. Those that won premium at previous edition of my stunt list event cannot get the premium reward in this one:
    Scaftz, JKY, Megane, Bartex2cm, Neonke, Runwald, EloRamzes
  2. Specify your in-game MTA name (if it is different from forum name)
  3. You must take a screenshot of you being in the spot AND
    • Be stationary (0/1 km/h) and on all wheels
    • HUD must be turned on (minimap, speedometer etc)
    • Car lights must be turned on
    • Have your name written in chat in format "name - Easter"
    • Using duel respawn in order to get into listed spots is prohibited (violators will be disqualified) you can remove cops by duel canceling tho
    • Using jumping suspension glitch for listed stunts is strictly prohibited and will disqualify you from all next stunt list events by me
    • Because of reason mentioned above, Turismo and Euros are banned, unless you can personally show me 3 stunts on these cars
    • Do not intentionally ram other stunters. You will be disqualified as well.
  4. Example screenshot:
    [Image: mta-screen_2018-03-28_01-07-02.png]
  5. The cars that you use must be photographed using built-in photo tool in garage and have the same paintjob as in screens. This is so that I can check through userpanel that it was you who did the stunt.
  6. Upload all the screens to image hosting software (for example imgur) and include in your post here OR post them here in a spoiler tag
  7. If you are doing this just for fun or you are one of winners of previous edition, please specify that.
You have to be within one of red areas of each screen.
A class recommended, but many stunts are easily doable on lower class cars.

Stunt list:
Will be published on March 30, 21:30
1) Madd Dogg Helipad
 [Image: kWU2ND2.png]

2) SF Performance Shop
 [Image: 8AHS6iR.png]

3) LV Pawn Shop Southern part of roof
[Image: a6CUWKR.png]

4) Dillmore Gas Station
[Image: 7bPiJHA.png]

5) Some warehouse with chimney in LS Docks/Willowfield
[Image: 2qh01nj.png]

6) SF Paint Shop
[Image: bJ87tyI.png]

7) LV Bike school territory
[Image: NifoGKA.png]

8) Angel Pine Junkyard Hangar
[Image: 3kzpXyu.png]

9) Unity Station
[Image: hUCohbz.png]

10) SF Driving School wooden(?) roof
[Image: Vpo0szW.png]

11) Car lot near LVAP
[Image: RCQuwID.png]

Bonus stunt list (only needed after first 3 already finished the event):
1) LS Large building near Powerline
[Image: ybpSkA8.png]

2) SFAP Large Tanks (only one of them)
[Image: khLS8Kd.png]

3) "Ryder's" Island
[Image: Jhtj8E8.png]


Offline Stanza

Maybe i try

Offline Stradivarius


Offline PiJaQ

Stunt list:
TBA March 30, 21:30

how to fix this?

Offline scaftz

(28-03-2018, 19:13)PiJaQ Wrote: Stunt list:
TBA March 30, 21:30

how to fix this?

TBA stands for To Be Added. He will update his post on the specified date.

Offline HanzoITS

HZITS, Hanzo Itsuka, Colin McRae, HanzoITS

Offline alfa

okay xd
             [Image: HZrdIU.jpg]                                          

Offline MaTT

I want premium
[Image: 58AF078923D9BE46339ADF05D48CB683E4AA0B66]

Offline trafi

hard af lol


Offline Whitey

after 3,5h i did it!

[Image: VZZMTIE.png]

[Image: 542TBvS.png]

[Image: BlSLfTZ.png]

[Image: DQxebvy.png]

[Image: vGACtW5.png]

[Image: M4BBrX0.png]

[Image: jIAcZ4g.png]

[Image: wSS8ube.png]

[Image: yWUQgcd.png]

[Image: oBdBYHE.png]

[Image: D5Kqhi9.png]
[Image: GKpc1FY.png]

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