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Vinyls on windows

Napisany przez DXPEZILLV, 16-04-2018, 20:08
Vinyls on windows


I thought you could put stickers on the windows as well in need for speed payback / 2015. it can also be done with louvre, but it looks ugly and you can only in the back. I say it would not be a bad idea to add that. if there are bugs, I understand. 

I am referring to this [Image: fe93a4e8e753083e3344fdaf16a38339.png]

P.S : i forgot to mention , it works on dark / pearlescent window tints

Offline scaftz


(03-12-2017, 18:06)bartekPL Wrote: Yes, edit 40+ cars, good luck.. Also this would be HUGE edit, and do it for each car separately. We are not that mad to do it, at least now...
About possibility? Tbh I don't think is it possible to make it good looking and working because of GTA engine alpha rendering which is very glitchy and even best shader can't do abolutely anything.

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