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Fix restart schedule.

Napisany przez Tekk, 01-05-2018, 05:14
Fix restart schedule.

Offline Tekk

I just lost a race that was mine to win because of the server randomly kicking people out, even though it's been already 15 minutes after the initial restart message / procedure, and the server was up. For how long should I wait before I can connect and play safely? I apologize if this sounds offensive to anyone from the NFS:SA team but why does this fucking bullshit even counts as a loss in first place, when it's clearly not because of the player's mistakes during the run? You literally can't do shit when it happens. I mean yeah, it's understandable when it comes to the ISP problems as it's fully client-side, but when it's a server drop? Why does this even go to the statistics? Not to mention when it's a time trial, you can't do another run of the same map until tomorrow, or at least play something else instead, cause the cooldown is still there. Again, I'm sorry if any part of this message sounds offensive to anyone, but I just got interrupted in a very unfriendly manner, with the server giving me a big FU right to my face, though I was clearly about to get a new PB on that map.

Offline scaftz

Experienced something similiar with daily server restarts here. For some reason, the notice came way too early unlike the reset itself. let's say the notice said server restarts in 5 minutes, waited full 10 minutes or more already and still having no interruption, assuming things are okay already, i decided to do a Magazine run and Bam! a big red ***NETWORK TROUBLE*** pops out on the screen and freeze the hell out of everyone. Thought it was only happening on some rare occasions since i don't regularly play on this range time of day, but seems like it's not. It's very inconvenient to play on this condition.

Offline Orbacle

Agree, night restarts are random after the announcement. Which is bs since it is "dangerous" to start doing anything and as said in OP, you lose the time trial. Restarts that fix stuff are pretty precise so I don't see why those aren't.
Fully support.

Offline bartekPL

Restarts are only if some changes to server where uploaded since last night.
But as above, it's only a warning that server may crash and restart soon ad it's dangerous to start e.g. time-trail during this time.

Offline scaftz

Seems like you got our point wrong bartek. We were talking about how the server warning and the actual restart times are different. Also for the clarification, what we meant by restart is that long freezes, not server shutdown for updates.

edit: Also, sorry for bumping. i did that since it happened as well tonight. Server told us that daily server restarts in 1 minute, but it was 10 minutes after that notice the server actually restarts.

Offline Tekk

(09-05-2018, 04:14)scaftz Wrote: We were talking about how the server warning and the actual restart times are different.

Yes, exactly that. I wonder if the fix for this will come with the muscle update. Sorry for the late response.

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