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My suggestions based on experience and observation

Napisany przez KitsuneAmy, 09-05-2018, 12:25
My suggestions based on experience and observation

Offline KitsuneAmy

Let's just say I've been taking notes on things during my time here thus far. This list will be periodically updated to add new suggestions.

Ideas for potential improvements for NFS:SA

1) add option to enable/disable cops
2) add minimap icons for dh diamonds and unique car parts (also make this toggleable)
3) change car reputation system to max out at 5 stars (Mag run requires 3 star car, I like the user below me's idea of greater rewards for 4 and 5 stars respectively)
4) change custom race UI to fill screen, add track map and possibly best times
5) remove dyno from game or tone it down so cars don't constantly need buffs/nerfs and score system actually works (limit it to gear ratios and other minor changes)
6) add revlimit noise when top speed is reached
7) change race UI to more closely resemble nfsu2/carbon (or add customizable race UI, i.e. I'd love to see Gran Turismo 2 UI)
8) add scheduled races/events to drive to on map, similar to URL but smaller scale (single race/drag/street-x,etc.)
9) change url scoring to make it so you are rewarded 1 point for DNF/change scoring to be based on distance travelled or laps completed (this was also a suggestion in another thread, added here since I agree)
10) add customizable soundtrack feature (I would personally change the playlist to just nfsu/u2 songs)
11) add tabby speedometer from nfsu2 (The only one from there not ported I believe)
12) add tutorial level/pop-up boxes with information, especially about dyno
13) force beginners to complete at least 3 quick races before going into custom race lobby (I know this was in another thread, I saw it beforehand and have added it here since I agree)
14) add user-created tuning database to forums/game, akin to gran turismo forums
15) force beginners to read rules after selecting their first car (which involves making them scroll to the bottom before they can proceed)
16) change UI windows to be less plain, see first picture
17) add option to not save magazine run photos (this gets annoying after you play 20 in a row, get to run and it tells you you can't do it until you delete some. why do they even save in the first place??
18) add option to exchange vinyl points for money or body points (preferably 2 VP for $500 or 1 BP)
19) add user-created vinyl design database you can import/download from (?)
20) A screen to change dyno tunes and equipped parts on the fly (SEE 3rd PICTURE)
21) A quick menu like the Motorola interface from NFSU2 that would make a noise and quick-press icon for duels and entering shops and dealerships, gives the ability to check PMs recieved, check/delete magazine run photos, do the functions of the function keys, etc.
22) Remove ambient shooting noises in LS (just a minor annoyance)
23) Add colorable calipers to brake discs
24) Have max speed testing done in the dyno garage, like NFSU2, with possible hp/torque, hp/rpm graphs (vehicle will accelerate until speed stops increasing, and spit out top speed value)
25) Add cruise control hotkey for travelling repetitive trips to DH/Mag Run (obviously enable this option for freerun only, disable for Pursuit, DH, Mag Run, Duel)
26) Remove/minimize destructible objects and indestructible wooden poles (NFS does not have these disruptive objects, the world should be friendly for a driving-only game)
27) add option to choose which safehouse to warp to when you press F6

These are just my thoughts I've been putting together over time. Don't know about the plausibility or thoughts on these ideas from the community, please submit your thoughts below.
Also included are some pictures I made.

[Image: mUtoIW4.png]

[Image: iMkWi3Y.png]

[Image: TVywEHx.png]


Offline ThePokemonPlayZ

1) No , its stupid let it be hard for people
2) Again , no the NFS:SA parts are hard to find for a reason (People pay for premium which allows easier find of parts)
3) That is a good idea , give bigger pay for every star in vinyl runs
4)Seems like a good idea to me
5) yes , the buffs and nerfs are far too good but only decrease the effect of dyno a little
6)Want to see that
7) Naah its fine c;
8)Not needed c;
9)Not change the whole system but make that an addition so every one gets a price
10) You can add ur own songs with premium
11)I dont know if it is not in the game already
12)Just add a tutorial level where a player gets a descent car and races against bots
13)There was a suggestion about that
14) idk
15) On every server entery there is a rules page to accept
17)YES ! I dont always want to save magazine covers but it is forced down on me c;
18)Would be helpful but not for money
19) Nope , use ur own creativity

Offline scaftz

1) No, i love to see people struggle with them, even though they annoy me a lot at times as well.
2) They are very easy already, giving it any more easiness will remove Unique car's uniqueness. DH is also not a big deal even though i can fail them once or twice sometimes.
3) I don't really see any purpose of this.
4) I remember seeing this suggestion long ago, was declined due to some database issue if i remember correctly
5) No. You are new here, you don't know how awful performance tuning back then before dyno was added (486 score street suspensions Bullets anyone?). toning down some overpowered elements should be fine for me.
6) Adds a very nice detail to the server, I like it.
7) Seems like most people already got bored with the current UI. i'll vote yes for this even though i still like the current one.
8) I can smell lags from this one. a simple NFSW-like finding race feature should do it better, These can be used for players on freerun to find races being hosted on garage's race menu
9) We already have 1 point rewards for last place on URL, or if you mean by that is giving 1 point for DNF players, then yes. It was already discussed on the other thread.
10) You already can change the playlist and select which track to play on certain mode or turn off. Or, if you want to add your own songs to the playlist, get a Premium.
11) bruh
12) Yeah. Also please make them enjoyable for newbies to read and hard to miss so we will hardly see those common newbie questions on global.
13) Not sure about this one.
14) We have it already, check your User panel > Garage. You can look at other's by searching it by their forum name. (I hope i really got what you asked)
15) All of us are forced to read the rules everytime we connect, and guess what. Nobody really bats an eye to them. That's why Moderating are needed, dear Mr. Antimoderator.
16) Quindo once said that they will be probably need someone to design and script them.
17) Yes, having to delete my magazines after some preiod of time is one of the reasons why i don't do Magazine runs anymore.
18) Yes, Converting from Bodypoint to cash are already available, so why not?. about swapping Bodypoint to Vinylpoint, idk
19) With this community's kind of behaviour? not sure, it will be probably full pages of dicks or nazi liveries listed there.

Also, please use numbers on your lists next time, it was pain to read.

Offline Arunn

(09-05-2018, 12:25)KitsuneAmy Wrote: 2) add minimap icons for dh diamonds and unique car parts
[Image: 04amImC.png]

Away RaiYou

1)The Cops aren't even a threat when you are not trying to do a pursuit, so it's unecessary.
2)Hah, yeah no.
3)Ok, suggestion.
4)If you press "F2" while in a track it will show up the track top times.
5)Dyno is not hard to work with, cars aren't being nerfed because of dyno, the only car that was nerfed because of it was Mamba.
6)Very hard to do on GTA SA engine, so it's unlikely to happen.
7)Meh, it's already good enough.
8)I suggested something similar already, it would increase server competitiveness indeed.
9)First, you're not supposed to enter a unlimited score with manana against A class cars, you're obviously going to be destroyed, What I would suggest is, warn the player that his car is slower than the average on the lobby he is entering just like on custom races, Second, you can atleast try to finish the races, 1 point for a afk player is too much.
12)Yeah, it would be usefull for begginers.
14)Nein, people already have discord to share their tunings, and also people already copy paste too much.
15)That's stupid actually, people can see the rules everytime they log in.
16)Seens pretty ok for me the way it is rn.
17)Not saving and deleting, what's the difference? What's hard about accessing a menu on garage and delete some photos?
18)Yeah, vinylpoints are useless when you already have all vinyls, 10 points per 1k$ would be cool.
19)Nein again.
[Image: 1518984249.xishka_8altr.png]

Offline scaftz

3) I see star rating have no purpose after reaching 3 star above. this is a good idea to make star rating useful even though people will probably install every possible tuning on their car to achive full rating.
20) Some similiar suggestion here, https://www.nfssa.com/thread-8866.html
21) Something like MW12's easydrive should do it better imo. More options (not limited to only 4 commands while stay only using 4 buttons to operate) and less obsolete.

Offline KitsuneAmy

This list will be periodically updated with new ideas and clarifications for existing ones. Stay tuned and please leave feedback.

Offline Akamataa

1. Good Idea
2. Hell NO.
3. Rice Rice AND... Rice
4. F2 at race.
5. Do u want to die?
6. Not bad, but u should know that in real life are few types of revlimiters and not all make this specific sound.
7. Waste of time
8. Hmm... after URL experiance i think this will not work.
9. + or just add 1 point at url start, DFN will give u 0, but still u will get ~300rp
10. Premium
11. i don' care
12. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Hell yes we need this
13. Quick Races are hard to find... forcing them to do this = forcing them to leave server.
14. +++ i will post many of my dynos XD
15. meh... they won't do this anyway.
16. hmm i don't even know what u want.
17. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
18. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
19. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ but lot of work...
20. + for dyno, change of setup in fly will probably make a lot of bugs < not worthy, but yes sometimes u need to change your dyno fast, its good idea.
21. I don't care
22. What? What noise?
23. I don't care
24. hmm No needed, i think it will be better to add another "drag" test on dyno that will calculate your 0-62 mph acceleration and similar, w/o shifting. Acceleration > V-max
25. Buy Gamepad
26. Big++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
[Image: kiritoblockingbullets_by_setonami-d7xcxvq.gif]

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