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I'm leaving

Napisany przez DareDevil42, 14-05-2018, 11:58
I'm leaving

Offline DareDevil42

Hello everyone, I just wanted to personally say thanks for the experiences on this server, it was awesome and I made cool cars and memories, but I truly got bored of all and any online games, right now I'm uninstalling all other online games I have, including MTA, it's truly been fun and thank you for welcoming me here, I know I already haven't played lately but now I truly won't drop in at all anymore, it's been fun, maybe I'll drop by in a few months or years but other than that I'm leaving, again thanks everyone and the mods and admins and everyone else in the team, awesome server and I'm glad I was part of it.

Offline MatthewChow

Glad you had fun in here. Have a nice one, and until next time!
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I'm messing with Uranus in pleasurous ways right now.

Offline scaftz

Goodbye, feel free to drop by and play again any time at any chance.

Offline alfa

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