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Crew Wars

Napisany przez 07canpolat, 20-05-2018, 22:37

Crew Wars

Offline 07canpolat

First Hello Everyone.
Today i'll talk about my crew wars idea. 
-For example there is "a crew" and "b crew". Firstly there will be crew reputations.
-There will be special times for crew wars. For example "20:00 At Monday, 20:00 At Wednesday, 20:00 At Friday."
-Crew leaders will pick 2 racers for each category of races. For example; I pick myself and "a friend" for circuit race. "b friend and c friend" for sprint race. "d friend and e friend" for drift race, "f friend g friend" for drag. And each categories.
-When there is time for crew wars.. "a crew" and "b crew" (based on which crew has closest avg. rp to each other for the first crew war) 2 sprint racers of "a crew" and 2 sprint racers of "b crew" will race on a mostly voted maps like url system. And if "a crew" wins the sprint. They will take 3 points and "b crew" takes 1 point.
-There will be a table system like url races after each race. Like;
                       SPRINT         CIRCUIT        DRIFT         -OTHER EVENTS GOT LEFT-
       A CREW :       3                   1                 1                            -------
       B CREW :       1                   3                 3                            -------

-And at the end which crew has more points, They gets 500 crew reputation and which one has lost gets 100. (for example)
Let me explain the overall now;
-A crew is first crew by 1.000.000 total RP
-B crew is second crew by 999.000 total RP;
When it is monday 20:00 game will put this both crews in war, and if B crew wins the war, they will take 500 crew reputation and A crew gets 100 reputation. So that makes B crew gets first crew.

-- That was my idea about crew wars. And it is best one is possible in my eyes. Im open to any questions. Have a nice day. Smile --
[Image: ZXZMWz.png]                                                               KönigsrassE Crew Forever. "Never Trust Anyone More Than They Deserves. Even The White Rose Has A Dark Shadow."

Offline Berkayy.

Nice idea my dude. I hope it will be added to server.

Offline Akamataa

Well 500 crew reputation??? Probably u want to give 500 rp to each player. but think about this, u will spend 15 min in paring/waiting/racing to get 500 rp/player, in same time all players can just make normal races and get more rp and MONEY in same time.

Additionaly not all crews have enought players to participate in all races, drag race??? are u kidding this is car related race....
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Offline scaftz

You misunderstood his suggestion.
(20-05-2018, 22:37)07canpolat Wrote: ...Firstly there will be crew reputations.
Not Crew Member's Reputation, which means it's a new earnable points through Crew related activity such as the crew wars, that if i really get his suggestion right.

Offline susis

new reputation system
Welcome to hell!
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Offline Akamataa

Oh yes my mistake, this sentence was in blind spot of fast reading XD Really ...
Anyway, new ranking system will be better, than actual, but his crew wars will not work.. cuz, there are lot of players from others times zones, if we will have only one crew war in day always at same time, this will be like discrimination. It will be better if we will get CREW reputatnion [crp] from normal races if u beat another crew. If crew have more crp, then u get more crp, if this crew have lower crp than u get minimum crp [for eg. 1], if u lose u will get nothing/lose points. U can find similar system in mobile games.
[Image: kiritoblockingbullets_by_setonami-d7xcxvq.gif]

Offline 07canpolat

I just told 500 crew rp for example and i told in thread already. It can be 1000 2000 etc. But if we think it on the way you say.. This ranking is bad too. If we base on "Members on crew" the most unskilled crew can be first by having players on their crew.
[Image: ZXZMWz.png]                                                               KönigsrassE Crew Forever. "Never Trust Anyone More Than They Deserves. Even The White Rose Has A Dark Shadow."

Offline scaftz

I like Aka's idea on making Regular races as Crew War races since it's pain af for me to wake up on 1am just to play one race then back to sleep, I am going to suggest on how it will work as well. So to do a Crew War race we have to create a custom race and if the race met the special required conditions, it will count as Crew War race and Crew Reputation is attainable from this race. The following are my thoughts of the special conditions will be:
- The race must have a same number of crew members from all crews participated. So it can be 2v2, 1v1, 1v1v1, 1v1v1v1 or it can even be 3v3 if it was on URL (not sure if it's even do able on URLs).
- Everyone who participated uses same car class and similiar score range, Let's say -25 and +25, just like in quickraces. If it's 2v2 with one player having an A class 500 score and a B class 440 score, then the other crew have to use them as well. It's to avoid score abusing (something like 400 scored A class) and giving chances for those who don't have fastest cars yet in game.
- If the participating crew had a crew race with a same crew in the last 1 hour, Crew Race won't trigger. It's to avoid making new crew as "fodder" crew and feeding another crew giving them easy points.

As the Crew RP gain, i would want it so if a big CRP crew loses to a low CRP crew, the big CRP crew loses a LOT of points meanwhile if a low CRP crew loses to high CRP crew, they won't lose that much. This way the skilled crews won't bully the less skilled ones and race with more skilled crews instead.

That's everything i can say for now, more coming if i got more idea.

Offline Akamataa

^ oh this is nice one
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Offline TheDawid

For me at start of the war the one crew choose what races they want like ambasador ridge and fierro madness and they can choose what class car they can use. Second crew will do same thing so there will be class A from first crew and class D from second crew and only crew leaders or co-leaders can choose this things Smile

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