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URL rooms

Napisany przez virus.exe, 26-05-2018, 22:37

URL rooms

Away RaiYou

(02-06-2018, 09:33)virus.exe Wrote:
(01-06-2018, 23:38)RaiYou Wrote: And this discussion of URL rooms strikes again... Seriously, with or without class only lobbies, pros will beat noobs, simple as that, who has better knowledge in dynoing will have advantage, whatever the circunstances, so, it also would be bad because class only lobbies would be less populated because 90% of the players would play more in B for example and less in D, and I don't even need to say anything about suv and vintage. The only "true" way of making the URL's "Fair" for everyone is 1:Improve the matchmaking, making the pros only racing pros and vice versa, but that would make it unfair for the pros cause they would never start the URL, and the system of kicking who has more wins than the average on the lobby when it's full is already annoying enough. 2:Actually improve yourself, get some knowledge on the cars and dyno, and only race on 1 score, with a car you know you dominate, plus learn the track. There will always be unbalance here, so it's pointless to discuss about that, what we need to populate URL is more tracks, and only that, since bayview is boring af now a days, and lsap is getting old too. There aren't any changes that would make URL better and more fair, who is good will always beat who is not.

Why is pointless to discuss about important things? It's pointless every time discuss pointless things like when release Muscle Update? When Sabre, Phoenix, Stallion, Tampa, Clover, Buccaneer?
Everything has advantages and disadvantages i just want to reduce the difference a bit. I think there are no players because have to do with a collective disappointment, why join URL knowing 100% sure that going to lose?
We need to stay focused right now for the real problems instead of suggest small things; maybe another time about how "the tracks are so boring" which will surely hinder us, even so i appreciate your opinion.

I say it's pointless because this aspect will never change simple, "unbalance" will always be there. And you're right, why join URL if you know you're gonna lose? If you don't wanna test yourself, improve your track knowledge, adjust your dyno etc, if you keep this "I will never win" though in your mind, you will never win indeed, you will not win because YOU don't wanna win.
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Away RaiYou

(02-06-2018, 13:08)Akamataa Wrote: I have different idea...  make one room where all players will be matched with other ones... if u want to drive manana i u will be matched to others noobs in e class cars with simmiliar score, if theres not similar score cars in same class u will get cars from different class with simmilar score... and noobs will be paired with noob and pros with pros...

It can be based on personal top times on url or something...

This would take ages to match every person...
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Offline MatthewChow

I don't believe so. It would make everything much simpler, IMO.
I've been brainstorming about Akamataa's last post. Imagine a system like this:
In your garage you'd have a checkbox for each car saying "This car is eligible for URL", and the conditions for this checkbox to be unlocked is to have made at least three circuit/sprint races with a car from the same class. You can select any amount of cars you want, except zero, or else you'll have no car to enter a URL, duh.
You then leave, driving any car, and go to an URL event spotlight to enter a lobby, and, that's it. You wait for a bit and the match maker selects the car and the opponents for you, and you race with the players the closest possible to your skills that were available in lobby at that moment driving cars with specs the closest to yours.

How would this work?
Well, upon entering the lobby, the matchmaker checks for the classes of the cars you have eligible to enter, lets imagine it's a E and a C class.
Then, the matchmaker will check for the circuit and sprint races you've most raced on for each class and will check for your personal top times of those tracks. For that, lets imagine: Class E: 1:58, 2:17, 1:26, and, Class C: 1:24, 1:28, 1:44.
Next, it would gather the global top times of those same tracks and class of cars. Those, for example, being: Class E: 1:46, 2:06, 1:22, and, Class C: 1:21, 1:18, 1:37.
Next, it would divide those global top times by the player's personal top times to get a value in between 0 and 1, similar to a percentage. That'd be: E: 0,90; 0,92; 0,95; and C: 0,96; 0,89; 0,93. (values are rounded just for the sake of the example)
Next, it would average those values per class, that being E=(0,9+0,92+0,95)/3=0,92 and C=(0,96+0,89+0,93)/3=0,93. That value would be the "skill level" of that player per class, where the matchmaker would base itself to select the players for a race.
The matchmaker would come out with these values for all players in the lobby and would simply check what players had the closest values across all classes that had cars available to them.
All the 0,8x players would be put against other 0,8x players, the 0.9s with 0,9s, all 5 by 5, or more if enough players.
That match maker would have to be timed or something so it lets the lobby fill with a good enough variety of players, or else the first 5 to enter would be put together as they came, so, it would only check for the amount of players to enter race each 2 minutes or around that to see who has the closest skill levels, but if there's not many players, after that set time it would let the closest 5 players enter the race even if the skill gap is big. That's a necessity when there aren't many people playing the game. It's simply, after X amount of time, the players whose the skill value's difference is the least enter the race.
Now, a system like this would make cars with not maxed setups redundant, and I don't want that, so, certain predetermined setups would be classified as a class lower, for example, a 2/1/1 Sultan would be racing together with maxed class C cars. This would mean a rule like "Class B car with score under 350 is classified as Class C" for car selection purposes. (The times to take the skill value from are still from class B times, thus them being in the format of a percentage.)
Later on, after a determined amount of races in URL with each class of car, lets say 10 per class, the personal top times are taken from URL top times instead of circuit/sprint times, to make things more accurate from that point on.
Okay, now I'm tired and I kinda lost track of the whole thought process... Tell me what you think of this and tomorrow I'll think about it again some more. I need to sleep.
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Uranus is a pain in my anus.

Offline Akamataa

Well, for me actual url system works good, and u don't need to win every url... c'mon even i fu take 5 place u will get ~500rp, better player = better reward, ofc if u are useless player then u will not complete url, then u just need to practice on url test track/s-x [lsap]. This is not racing game where AI is stupid and gives u free win [ea games].

And look at this from other side, imagine that 50% of server will join that URL [including all noobs that are scary to race], then u will have min 15 player/ lobby and match maker will pair good players with good players, weak players with weak one, and everyone will have possibility to at least complete url. It is Closed circle, I don't want to learn how to drive / dyno / make setup > i can't find oponents for me > im loosing > im not joining URL races > other player can't find oponents for them > they not joining url. This ends on only SGT wining URL...

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Offline Curtex

Personally, I can understand being rewarded by skilled players, both on the tracks and on dyno and score setup, but let's be honest: There are clear winners on each Score.

250 being for Primo/Intruder, 300 for SGT/Sultan, 350 SGT/Sultan as well, 400 Infernus/Cheetah, 450 and Unlimited still the same shit.

The only URL score that I find pretty interesting and capable for many cars on the right hands is 300.

Anyways, I dislike the actual system as, no matter how skilled you are, if you can handle URLs with cars that I didn't mentioned, you could do way better with those I did. URLs are pretty unbalanced, left for a couple of cars, leaving the rest of cars on a "minor" grade, as URL is recognized by many (Correct me if I'm wrong) the most important event in terms of Player vs Player.

Being honest, I'd find more interesting increasing the variety of URL maps, as for the moment we've got a "top speed" one (LSAP) and a "soft, mostly acceleration" one. Making a new URL more focused on steering (Like being able to efficiently get through series of hard turns and complicated curves), kinda similar to streets. That would make the variety of cars bigger, and make it more enjoyable, as we would have many cars available, having their use depending on the track.
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Offline Akamataa

On Bay u don't need acceleration, only stering and little v-max

But on lsap, max 250-400 u can win early in cars like: Manana, bravura, deluxo, Vincent, Uranus, club, blista c, even zr. There can be problem with rwd d class cars, because they are not too good at cornering, same with class
[Image: kiritoblockingbullets_by_setonami-d7xcxvq.gif]

Offline ScottishKuller

I think this would be a great step forward for URL, I play constantly on 300 with a sultan because I know I wont lose unless a better driver joins. I also feel like this would help improve the URL for new players because rn they no chance of competing unless they get lucky and accidentally make an op Primo. Props to you for this :p
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Offline By3u

Good idea, support!
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Offline Berkayy.

Not bad idea seems like it will be good. Im not playing url much but i can say this, yes url is very unfair and it needs a solution. Good idea for me

Offline kayra999

It will be nice if that thing comes ı am waiting if it will come maybe i will join url more. Nice thing

İf it will come it will be a great update unfair is will gone.

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