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Not added cars

Napisany przez By3u, 04-06-2018, 12:33

Not added cars

Offline By3u

Hello! I want to talk to you about cars for any reasons not added on the server, but which quite could fit into some class. The first car - Merit. Rather interesting car, personally is pleasant to me her appearance, it reminds the Japanese Mark II 90 or Chaser 90 (it personally my opinion). The second car - Premier. Too the interesting car which would fit into some class. Players who like to do cars of police style would be glad to such addition Smile . Further I will just list names of cars which I would like to see on the server, and not I think one: Alpha, Admiral, Picador (SUV), Buccaneer, Savanna (Vintage), Feltzer, Tahoma (E class), Tornado (Vintage), Windsor, Majestic, Voodoo (Vintage). To find these models I think it is possible. Thanks for attention, also I hope you won't disregard my subject.
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Offline scaftz

"Merit. Rather interesting car"- More like another Primo for my eyes. Premier, not quite. It don't really fit as a street racing car. Take a look at Emperor, nobody use this car. This kind of civilian cars are not that much interesting or pleasant to see on racing. Alpha, a rather nice car, but kind of oversized. The rest of the cars i don't bother mention mostly got a same reason with Premier.
There's some threads about non-added cars already https://www.nfssa.com/thread-10397.html also don't expect them getting added by any chance, it's fully the dev's decision to add a certain car and not.

Offline Sardyna153

Vintage is more about old cars from 40's 30's and so on, and buccaner savanna windsor Tornado, Windsor, Majestic and Voodoo are not from those times
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Away bamers

That's a great list of cars, however, at current rate, it is unlikely for new cars to be added. Even the Muscle cars as everybody already know. You can see that the developers are in need of new guys in their formation, maybe after the position is filled, the development can be continued

As from that, adding more cars, even just one, is not an easy job. It needs performance balancing here and there, not yet the visual physical parts of the car. Back to the past, Vintage and SUV were hyped by the players, but now you can see how these classes are treated. Even no one would ever recommend to unlock any car from these classes, they said just skip them to D class.

All in all, I hope it can be understood well why adding new cars is the thing that must be thought thoroughly and not just a walk in the park. It needs a lot of works and efforts to be put.

Make sure to always read https://www.nfssa.com/thread-5023.html before posting any new suggestion.
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Offline Akamataa

More cars = better :-D
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Offline Rafaea512

premier would only fit as a traffic car imo.
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Offline KitsuneAmy

(04-06-2018, 20:40)Akamataa Wrote: More cars = better :-D

I agree, but someone would obviously have to take time to model the aftermarket parts meant for each one specifically.
I also don't get why vintage only has 30's and 40's cars when in real life when you think vintage most people would probably consider that before 1980 or 1970.

Offline scaftz

(11-07-2018, 01:35)KitsuneAmy Wrote: don't get why vintage only has 30's and 40's cars when in real life when you think vintage most people would probably consider that before 1980 or 1970.
The game's setting is set in 90s era, therefore 80s or 70s cars are not supposed to be called Vintages on this era. They broke the setting by adding a Kuruma though, which is an early 20s car.

Offline MatthewChow

00's, not 20's, lol!
They already did even before that, though. With BeeJay, which is a car from GTA V based on a car that started production in 2006.
Kuruma, in comparision, is based on a car that went to production in 1995, the year I was born in.
GTA SA is set in 1992, so, at least it's closer, and advancing 3 years in time doesn't bring that much visual changes to the world, so, saying NFS:SA is set in 1995 wouldn't be that far fetched.
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Uranus is a pain in my anus.

Offline scaftz

(11-07-2018, 14:51)MatthewChow Wrote: 00's, not 20's, lol!
Oh yes, that.

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