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paint job

Napisany przez mhamedcrixus, 12-06-2018, 00:22
paint job

Offline mhamedcrixus

i have made a paint job for infernus i hope you like it the name and text on the back is remove able i can change them for some thing else

Link : https://imgur.com/a/xa5Ka4Y


Good Design, I like it Smile Hope Bartek add it.
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Offline MatthewChow

I also wanna had some vinyl sets, but... Then when would I get them?
I feel like I would be doing it but not having it to enjoy.
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... Although that sounds kinda lame.

Offline syaan

Yes, i like both of that, we need more new vinyl Sad

Offline scaftz

Make it as an image file format and drop it here https://www.nfssa.com/thread-23.html . It will have no chance of being added unless you do so.
Also, this paintjob seems do-able with current existing vinyls elements, excluding the minor details.

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